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Austmine is proud to be celebrating 30 years of championing the Australian Mining Equipment, Technology & Services (METS) sector.

Thirty years ago Austmine was formed, and we set out to ensure that the Australian METS sector was recognised far beyond our shores. We recognised the uniqueness of what we had to offer and that by working together we could accomplish so much more.

Today, the METS sector is one of the most technologically advanced, innovative and internationalised sectors in Australia. The METS sector reflects an advanced, modern economy and our businesses lead with best practice, provide critical operational support, ensure a safe working environment and interface daily with their customers. At a local level, they create jobs, foster important skills, kick-start civic activities and are the lifeblood and foundation of many regional communities.

Over the course of our journey, Austmine and our members have grown hand-in-hand. Our success is your success, and together we have built a strong community and solid foundations for the future. There is no doubt that the best is yet to come.

Thank you for your continued support of Austmine and we hope to share many more milestones with you.



METS Sector Innovation: Putting Members in the Spotlight

As Austmine celebrates 30 years of championing the Australian METS sector, we shined the spotlight on our members!

Member Spotlight: Beca

Austmine Limited 0 1646
As part of Austmine's 30 year celebrations we are shining the spotlight on our members! Beca is one of Asia Pacific's largest independent advisory, design and engineering consultancies, working together for the past 100 years (including 50 years in Australia) to make everyday better for...

Member Spotlight: Process IQ

Austmine Limited 0 1810
As part of Austmine's 30 year celebrations we are shining the spotlight on our members! Process IQ is a Perth-based METS company with a combined industry knowledge spanning 80 years in metallurgy & process engineering. They are an industry leader with a vision of becoming the "Google"...

Member Spotlight: Steve Durkin, Managing Director & Founder, Safescape

Austmine Limited 0 1761
As part of Austmine's 30 year celebrations we are shining the spotlight on our members! Former mining engineer Steve Durkin runs Safescape, a designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative products for the global mining sector. It’s a successful and growing business, but what Steve really...

Member Spotlight: Clytie Dangar, General Manager - Stakeholder Engagement, CRC ORE

Austmine Limited 0 1291
As part of Austmine's 30 year celebrations we are shining the spotlight on our members! Innovation doesn’t always mean starting from scratch – sometimes it means finding new ways to get value from existing ideas. That’s exactly what CRC ORE does, by scouring other industry sectors for...

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Our Timeline

Foundation Members

“Austmine has refined their model and value to members over their 30 years of existence. It is really an efficient way to get connected and with the drive towards industry partnerships, Austmine can help put people in touch with like-minded companies.”

Clytie Dangar, Director, Austmine, and General Manager – Stakeholder Engagement, CRC ORE

“This is a sector where we are all focused on servicing the mining industry and in the past much of that was disjointed. Now I see us coming together much more as a community. Austmine has given us that sense of community, and it has also given us a voice.”

Ann Burns, Managing Director Resources – ANZ, Accenture

“Austmine has played a critical role in branding the METS sector in Australia. In actually identifying that the sector exists, as well as its economic size, high value add, export performance and industrial complexity, they have played a key role in educating government and the mining industry on the importance of the Australian METS sector both globally and regionally.”

Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, former Chair, Austmine and Managing Director, Gekko Systems

“Austmine 2019 provides a great opportunity for us. We have the opportunity to interact with customers and also talk to other METS companies, some of which we wouldn’t naturally partner with. It’s a great collaboration opportunity to meet new people and organisations.”

Richard Goodridge, Chief Scientist & Vice President - Research & Innovation, Orica

“I can claim to be part of a $90b industry segment. To put that in perspective, that is about 5% of Australia’s GDP. It is a very powerful thing that I can claim to be a part of.”

George McCullough, Director of Strategy, Interlate

We set out to establish Australia as the world’s pre-eminent mining nation – and Austmine has achieve that and more. Our task now is to stay at number one with an unreleneting focus on mining innovation.”

Alan Broome AM, Chairman Emeritus, Austmine

“For thirty years Austmine has been at the core of efforts to inspire collaboration on mining innovation, propelling the Australian mining industry to the leading position it has in the world today. Building on this work, I have no doubt Austmine and its members will lead global improvements in mining and METS into the future.”

Mark Warren, Chair, Austmine

“Connected mining operations, with integrated data powered by the Internet of Things, are the future of mining. The widespread adoption of powerful technologies will automate processes and enable transformation, allowing mining companies to create safer, more productive and sustainable operations.”

Paul Higgins, Executive Chairman, Dingo

It’s clear to me that the Australian METS sector is recognised as leading the world. 40 of the top 100 METS companies are headquartered in Australia. What Austmine has done for the sector is focus its voice, creating strength and unity in Australia and around the world.”

Mark Read, former Chair, Austmine and Executive Chair, AEP Elical

“The breakthrough for Austmine came with the landmark survey in 2013. This is where the METS sector turned from being a silent sector to gaining recognition as a key driver of the Australian economy.”

Robert Trzebski, Chief Operating Officer, Austmine


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