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Austmine Annual Review Download

Dear Austmine Members, Austmine has strengthened our position as the leading industry association for the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector in the past twelve months and we thank you for your support during this time. As the industry climate continues to change, collaboration has been identified as critical for Australian METS to succeed. Austmine has been proactive in this aspect, utilising strategic partnerships and developing important relationships with global miners, government and research institutes to expand our influence. This has allowed Austmine to provide our members with valuable opportunities and exclusive connections through increasing our range of events, investing in our team, expanding our service offerings and ensuring our members’ interests are represented with key industry decision makers and influencers. 

Recognising the imperative for our members to look globally for new business, Austmine has sought to create broader and deeper international relationships. Through partnering closely with Austrade, participating in global forums and expanding our mining network, we have been able to keep members updated on overseas project requirements, firmly cement Australian METS’ reputation for innovation and best practice globally, and introduce our members to mining decision makers, resulting in commercial return. 

Austmine continues our commitment to ensuring that Australia is the METS global innovation hub by encouraging and empowering our members to be adaptive and flexible as uncertainty continues to obscure the long-term industry outlook. We are very excited that METS Ignited is now up and running and we look forward to working in partnership to drive the competitiveness and sustainability of our industry. 

Innovation is not just a buzzword in the current environment, but rather, an essential tool for business survival and sustainability into the future. It is pleasing to see that Australian METS are leading the way.

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Austmine’s Board of Directors

Austmine’s Board of Directors is formed of representatives of Member companies who have in-depth experience in the mining technology, equipment and services sector in Australia and abroad - Read more

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