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Austmine and the Entrepreneurs' Programme

The Entrepreneurs' Programme is an Australian Government initiative to promote business competitiveness and productivity by providing support to SME's that want to improve performance or drive growth. The program involves one-on-one assistance in a range of areas including business strategy, financial advice, commercialisation and development, operational procedures and supply chain facilitation. 

Austmine is an Industry Partner delivering the Entrepreneurs' Programme for the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector. We have six Business Advisers based around Australia and a national Business Facilitator who are specialists in the mining, oil & gas industries and are responsible for delivering the Business Management element of the program. 

Austmine's Business Advisers help ensure businesses get the advice and support they need to improve their competitiveness and productivity. The primary focus is on providing access to the best advice and networks to solve their problems, as well as access to financial assistance. 

There is no cost associated with the business review they will provide you, but naturally your time and insights will be required!

Practical support for businesses includes: advice from people with relevant private sector experience, co-funded grants to commercialise new products, processes and services, funding to take advantage of growth opportunities, and connection and collaboration opportunities.

Entrepreneur's Programme Presentation - Download

Services Provided by the Entrepreneurs' Programme:

Business Evaluation

Austmine's Business Advisers review operations and strategy and compile a report that reviews the company and provides business improvement suggestions. During this process, the adviser come to your premises to gather information, undertake research and analysis and prepare a Business Action Plan that outlines strategies to improve performance. Once the SME agrees to apply these initiatives, the Business Adviser will a coaching and mentoring role for the following 12 months. 

Supply Chain Facilitation:

This provides assistance with connections to new and existing markets. Business Advisers and Business Facilitators will work closely with your company and your suppliers and customers to strengthen the supply chain and access new markets. 

Growth Services:

This element of the program enables your business to accelerate growth through recognizing and acting upon opportunities more rapidly with less risk involved. Austmine's Business Advisers will develop a Growth Plan for your company, provide advice and mentoring to achieve these goals, initiate access to networks and regularly meet with clients to support them throughout this process. 

Business Growth Grants:

These provide financial assistance for businesses that have completed the Business Evaluation, Supply Chain Facilitation program or the Growth Services Plan. 

To be eligible, METS businesses have to be between $1.5million and $100 million revenue a year, solvent and been in existence at least 3 years. If you'd like to speak to your local Business Adviser about conducting a free business evaluation with you, please contact your closest representative listed below:

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Find out below, who your local Business Adviser is or contact our head office via our Contact Page.  

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If you are interested in contacting one of our Business Advisers or would like more information on the Entrepreneurs' programme, please contact our office.

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Austmine’s Board of Directors is formed of representatives of Member companies who have in-depth experience in the mining technology, equipment and services sector in Australia and abroad - Read more

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