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Co-Lab 16.4: Small Footprint Mining

Event Begins: 27 Feb 2017 9:00 AM   Ends: 27 Feb 2017 5:00 PM

Austmine is excited to announce our latest initiative - our Collaboration Laboratories (Co-Labs). These Co-Labs will bring together key stakeholders across mining, METS and research entities to brainstorm 4 of the top challenges being faced by our industry at the moment. These intensive one day workshops will gather around 40 senior executives, hand picked by Austmine to participate. 

In conjunction with our event sponsors, Wipro and METS Ignited, Austmine will lead proactive discussions around a variety of strategies that can be adopted moving forward, to help ensure the Australia mining and METS industry remains competitive and sustainable. Out of each Co-Lab will come a variety of task forces and working groups to champion these ideas and ensure action is taken.

The final Co-Lab will take place in February 2017 in Adelaide, on the topic of Small Footprint Mining

Reducing mining’s footprint is an imperative for the future. Less resources, population pressures, environmental degradation, geo-political tensions, safety and higher costs, will make it both an economic and social requirement for mining operations to reduce their impact. Importantly, as well, a true focus on small footprint mining will create a step change in energy, water and land usage, and waste and emissions control which will help to drive a new paradigm of acceptance by the communities within which mining operates. A failure to migrate to this world will see current business models become unsustainable, and mining companies will lose their social licence to operate as communities reject the large footprint approach in their backyard.

The question the workshop will be focused around is: What can we do collectively to reduce the impact of mining operations?

Austmine's Co-Labs are invite only, and are focused on introducing change that will benefit the entire industry. Only Austmine members and mining companies will be invited to participate. If you are interested in receiving more information and genuinely think you can add value to these workshops, please contact Megan Edwards on megan.edwards@austmine.com.au.

Thank you to our Event Sponsors: 

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