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Live Webinar: Mining's Innovation Imperative

Event Begins: 2 May 2017 12:30 PM   Ends: 2 May 2017 1:30 PM
Venue: Online

The above time is given in AEST. 

Innovation is the mining and METS industry’s buzzword right now, and with good reason. Most in the sector are agreed that for Australia to remain competitive in the years to come, the way we do things needs to change – dramatically.

When we refer to innovation, we’re not simply referring to the next big invention or high-tech equipment, we are also encompassing incremental innovation, or a re-thinking of how we use equipment, technology or processes that we already have in place.

In positive signs, the mining industry is increasingly adopting and utilising the technologies available to them. Numerous examples can now be identified where solutions such as autonomous trucks, drones and sensors streamlined and saved significant costs in operations. Major miners were among the first adopters of digital technologies during the restructuring phase of the commodity price slump, recognising the cost benefits of implementing these innovations. A number of mid-tiers and junior miners are now also going digital in pursuit of the same savings.

However, there are still many roadblocks to realising the full potential of mining innovation. Just some issues still facing miners and METS include advanced technologies not being used to its full potential, vast amounts of data being generated but a lack of skill-sets to interpret it and entrenched cultures within companies that create roadblocks to innovation.

Ahead of the Austmine 2017 Conference and Exhibition where the theme is “Mining’s Innovation Imperative,” we will be hosting a live webinar to discuss exactly what this means and why it is so important for the long-term sustainability of the mining industry in Australia.  

This webinar will feature three senior industry experts who have a range of experience in crafting and executing innovation initiatives. They will each present on the current landscape of innovation in the mining industry and will delve into the changes and transformations that are needed to create further step changes in productivity, efficiency and safety. 

Expert Speakers: 

  • Brad Maurice, Vertical Manager - Mining, Siemens

Presentation: New Technologies Being Embraced By The Mining Sector

Brad will kick things of on our webinar by defining innovation and discussing why it is crucial in the mining sector. He will then explore the different types of innovation and the challenges being faced in the adoption of innovation in the mining sector. Finally, he will take a look at a range of new technologies disrupting mining and creating real step changes in performance such as cloud based data analytics and automation. 

Brad Maurice has been with Siemens since 2014.  Brad has previously worked Danfoss, Albany Filtration and Outotec. Twenty Five  years experience in Industrial Automation,  Motion Control and Process Engineering has given him experience in conveyor drive systems, VVVF drives,  grinding, filtration, flotation and thickening.  Brad has formal education in both Mechanical Engineering and Business from Sheridan College in Canada.

  • Luke Davey, Project Director IoT, Snowden

Presentation: Innovate or Bust - With help from our Friends

Luke has enjoyed a 20 year international technology career. He has seen both ends of the industry having worked for global tech giants Microsoft and CSC to local technology companies and his own start up business. Luke has held senior international positions that have afforded him opportunities to work with some of the largest mining clients across their global operations. Luke brings a pragmatic and conservative approach to technology with a focus on generating real business outcomes. Luke is currently business development manager for Snowden where his role is to drive global adoption of their new platform technologies enabling their transformation from a consulting business to a technology business.

  • Penny Stewart, Principal, PETRA Data Science 

Presentation: Collaborate to Innovate

Penny is a PhD qualified mining engineer specialised in applying data science to mining industry challenges. Her open and collaborative interpersonal style has enabled her to implement technology and innovation projects across diverse cultural, operational and organisational settings. In June 2015, Penny founded PETRA® Data Science Pty Ltd to extract value from mining data by reducing downtime and optimising operations, and has since developed numerous data science solutions in response to industry demand. PETRA® enables mining companies to turn their data into real-time predictions and optimisations using engineered data science, which combines the domain expertise of engineers with the power of data science.

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