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Developing an Export Strategy - Growing your export business, webinar 1

Event Begins: 21 Sep 2017 12:00 PM   Ends: 21 Sep 2017 1:00 PM
Venue: Online




  • Rory McAlester, TradeStart Adviser, NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet

Rory McAlester is an export adviser with NSW govt and part of Austrade's Tradestart network and delivers support to new and existing exporters across South East NSW from Wollongong to the Victorian border. Rory is a Japanese speaker, has lived in various countries around the world and has 20 years experience working in international trade. Since joining the Tradestart network, Rory has assisted hundreds of businesses develop and implement their export plans.

  • Allison Deadman, General Manager, Safescape

Allison Deadman is Safescape’s General Manager.  Allison has been involved in several growth businesses over the course of her career. Prior to Safescape, Steve Durkin (Safescape Managing Director) and Allison worked together as the key management team for a mining contracting company. During their time the business grew from 6 employees working in Kalgoorlie to 130 employees working all over Australia, PNG and New Zealand with offices in three States and revenue of $40m. Allison has been with Safescape since the company launched Laddertube in 2010 and been integral in the development of Safescape’s strategy since the beginning,  leading the team through initial commercialisation, development of a manufacturing capability and exporting globally.

  • Marianne Cummings, Business Adviser, Austmine

Marianne is an experienced business adviser who combines strong business analysis skills with a common sense approach to facilitate improvements in profitability, innovation, and productivity. Since 2012, Marianne has specialised in assisting clients from a variety of industries who supply to the resources sector, and in facilitating group industry supply chain projects.

Ensure that your company has the right strategies in place and the resources needed to able to grow your business offshore, through this 5 part webinar series.

The webinars will assist METS and OGER companies who:

  1. are considering expanding offshore and would like to commence their export journey; or 
  2. are currently exporting and would like to grow their export markets further



Developing an Export Strategy


This webinar will help SMEs determine whether exporting is right for them or if already exporting, help to build a stronger strategic approach.

This webinar will cover:

  • Assessing your export capability;
  • Understanding key success factors;
  • Review of business model;
  • Why export;
  • Global mining supply chain overview;
  • Case studies and lessons learnt; and
  • Exporter assistance.

Complete Webinar Series:

Developing an Export Strategy  |  Export Planning and Preparation  |  Offshore Market Opportunities  |  Fine Tuning your Export Capability  |  International Opportunity Outlook


Working in partnership with the Australian Government to assist with delivering services for the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.





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