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Perth Mining Innovation Roadshow Perth Mining Innovation Roadshow

Perth Mining Innovation Roadshow

19/03/2020 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Austmine 2019 Key Themes

Austmine 2019: Mining Innovation – The Next Horizon, welcomed over 1200 attendees from around the world to Brisbane, Queensland, for 3 days of inspiring and thought-provoking conversations, presentations and exchanges. Several key themes emerged over the days, with miners and METS (Mining...
Everyone is talking about digital twins. But I find so many different definitions that I thought I’d use myself as an example and explain how digital twin applications for real-time operations can help organizations improve asset performance and help find those unexpected events that typically...
The recording is now available for part 1 of Austmine's Sustainability Series on Managing Mining's Waste.  Waste materials generated throughout the extraction and processing of minerals can often have disastrous consequences for the environment if left unmanaged. Furthermore, there have...
As part of Austmine's 30 year celebrations we are shining the spotlight on our members! Innovation doesn’t always mean starting from scratch – sometimes it means finding new ways to get value from existing ideas. That’s exactly what CRC ORE does, by scouring other industry sectors for...

Mental Health & Mining

Mining is tough. Miners are tougher. But sometimes tough can be misunderstood as keeping up a brave face. Results from a 2018 survey from The Medical Journal of Australia reveal 30% of workers from Australia’s remote mining workforce suffer with high or very high levels of psychological...
Médéric Suon, Chief Digital Officer at Société Le Nickel (SLN), is joining Austmine in Adelaide on Thursday, 3rd October for our fourth Mining Innovation Roadshow. This provides a unique opportunity for members to hear about SLN’s Digital Transformation Strategy, which Médéric has overseen...
This was originally published online by Outotec. Tailings dewatering and disposal is a challenge that every mining operation has to deal with. The Outotec 2nd Generation Paste Thickener is designed to maximize underflow density regardless of challenging mineralogy and tailings feed rate...
This was originally published by Gary Wong and Hendrik Lourens, Stratflow Australia. In the last two editions we discussed how yesterday’s solutions have led to 2 myths that control current mining thinking. Myth 1: The best way to run a mine is to focus on cost certainty and manage people...

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27/11/2019 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Brisbane End of Year Networking Event

Location: The Fox Hotel, Melbourne Street, South Brisbane QLD, Australia

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