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Meet the Miners at Austmine 2019 Meet the Miners at Austmine 2019

Meet the Miners at Austmine 2019

22/05/2019 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Austmine 2019: Mining Innovation: The Next Horizon Austmine 2019: Mining Innovation: The Next Horizon

Austmine 2019: Mining Innovation: The Next Horizon

21/05/2019 - 23/05/2019

We are very fortunate to have access to the many reports PwC produce for the Australian mining sector. Mine 2015 - The Gloves Are Off was released earlier this year at a joint Austmine / PwC breakfast where industry-renowned Professor Markus A. Reuter, from Outotec in Finland presented on Opportunities of a Circular Economy, and the

Unearthed Melbourne, Victoria

Unearthed Melbourne was held from the 6 – 8 of November 2015, at Teamsquare in Melbourne, Victoria. The 54-hour open innovation event focused on the resources sector, with innovators such as software developers, engineers, data scientists, designers and industry insiders coming together to develop solutions to issues that exist in the resource sector.

The Hackathon results were very impressive. There...

A partnership between Elexon Mining, CSIRO Chile, the Advanced Mining Technology Center (AMTC) of the University of Chile, CSIRO Australia and Itasca International will use the Australian-developed Smart Marker technology to create a world-first system to measure and monitor slope deformation using wireless in-ground markers.

This system will allow ground movement to be monitored from the...

Vix Technology, a global leader in smart ticketing and payment technology solutions, has today strengthened its remote workforce management and resources/mining village service offering with the acquisition and merger of specialist Australian software company, Osmotion Pty Ltd.

The purchase, signed on 17th of November, forms a key part of Vix’s growth strategy for the APAC region and its search for partners that can help drive innovation and...

The Integrated Condition Monitoring (ICM) solution by Rockwell Automation provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week coverage of the coal loading operation to minimise unplanned downtime and help improve overall productivity with minimal onsite personnel

The Port of Newcastle is the largest bulk shipping...

Nominate the most outstanding technical paper demonstrating more productive and efficient mineral processing for the 2016 CEEC Medal.

Now recognised by the industry as the pre-eminent award for advances in comminution efficiency, the CEEC Medal attracts global attention and interest, publication of the paper in a leading journal and more. CEEC’s Directors invite you to submit your application now. Visit

Dr. Bob Johnson, an Australian Innovator who has spent his professional life providing vital services to the global mining industry, has been inducted into the International Mining Technology Hall of Fame. Bob founded Maptek in 1981, a company that provides 3D modelling, spatial analysis and design technology to the global mining industry with three products;...

Nick Clarke, Chief Metallurgist at AngloGold Ashanti was the Keynote Speaker in Austmine's Processing Operations section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. He delivered a fantastic presentation on Improving Productivity in Processing Operations, detailing case study examples from their Sunrise Dam, Tropicana and Gramalote mines.

Immersive Technologies has over 80% market share of the high fidelity training simulator in the mining industry with over 930 simulator modules deployed. Immersive has also grown to be the global leader in operator workforce development solutions for mining, and announced today the quantifiable results achieved to date in partnership with, Anglo American Los Bronces.

Immersive Technologies training specialists have carried out operator risk...

Mineral Resource/Reserve estimation is a challenging exercise, but that is no excuse for poor practices. A mining project depends first and foremost on its Resources and Reserves. Get those wrong and you have a potential disaster on your hands. Likewise, poor or misleading reporting can deter investment and bring the wrath of the regulators on your head. This AMC seminar discusses Resources and Reserves with a focus on NI 43-101 and JORC Codes, and what should and shouldn’t be...

Andre Boozyen, General Manager of Australian Operations at Mandalay Resources, was a Speaker in Austmine’s Safety Challenge section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. Mandalay Resource’s philosophy is that “people build a business, so we concentrate on building the people.” Andre provided a fantastic presentation to his audience with this philosophy in mind, focusing on efficiency gains at Mandalay Resources through a focus on their...

Andrew Fisher, Manager of IT Infrastructure at St Barbara Limited, was a Speaker in Austmine’s Asset Lifecycle Management section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. St Barbara is focused on strong margin gold operations, with operations in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Andrew’s presentation, therefore, had a focus on managing remote projects being undertaken in Papua New Guinea. He also gave an overview of the major operations being undertaken by St...

Andrew Hall, Director, Corporate Manager and Principle Consultant at AMC Consultants, was a speaker in Austmine’s Collaboration section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. Andrew’s presentation had a focus on creating value through integrated business planning, and considering that profit is revenue minus the costs involved. This included setting the right strategy and sustainably executing the strategic plan, in order to effectively create value through...

Dr Carla Boehl, Senior Lecturer and Researcher at Western Australian School of Mines, Curtin University, was a Keynote Speaker in Austmine’s Asset Lifecycle Management section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. Dr Boehl’s presentation discussed mine asset management and the impact of automation on equipment availability and maintenance. This included motivation for research in asset management and automation at WA School of Mines, and the existing trends in...

Ian Campbell, Head of Product Management at Hella Australia, was a Keynote Speaker in Austmine’s Safety Challenge section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. Ian presented his technology showcase on ZEROGLARE, and how it is bringing on road safety to mining through use of LED lighting. ZEROGLARE is designed for use in forward facing positions, where the light is projected onto the ground in front of the vehicle allowing everything in front of the machine to be very...

Jamie Ross, Head of Safety, Security and Risk at Newcrest Mining, was a Keynote Speaker in Austmine’s Safety Challenge section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. Jamie focused his presentation on connecting safety and productivity, to get the required results. He also discussed the importance of culture and behaviours in getting results, as what drives culture is what drives results. Jamie stated that the one thing that can easily be done to demonstrate leadership and...

Mark Spry, CEO of Pulse Mining, was a Keynote Speaker in Austmine’s Asset Lifecycle Management section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. Mark’s presentation had a focus on operational mine analytics, and how to have a tactical approach as a realist. Mark acknowledged that the industry has had a steep fall in prices, and that the third wave of cost cutting is underway. This third step is “re-engineering”, and as a result, innovation is...

Nick Bowen, Group Executive, Strategic Marketing and Technology at Orica, was a Keynote Speaker in Austmine’s Next Generation Mining section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. Nick’s presentation was focused on next generation blasting, and how wireless technology will change the mining industry. The world’s first wireless electronic blasting system was presented, along with the benefits of wireless technology in a typical sub level cave. The new...

Nick Flanagan, General Manager Resources, Western Region at WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, was a Keynote Speaker in Austmine’s Collaboration section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015.  Nick focused his presentation on collaboration through advanced modular solutions. He provided in-depth information about advanced modularisation, including what it is and its applicability to the resources sector. Nick then moved onto the importance of a collaborative approach, and...

Dr Peter Barbosa, Global R&D Project Manager at Delta Electronics, was a keynote speaker in Austmine’s Next Generation Mining section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. Dr Barbosa’s presentation had a focus on how much we can rely on technology and automation to solve the productivity challenge. He stated that technology and automation can impact productivity in many ways, such as lowering cost per kWh, reducing operating maintenance costs and improving...

Peter Watson, CEO and Managing Director at Sedgman, was a Keynote Speaker in Austmine’s Safety Challenge section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. Peter’s presentation had a focus on Sedgman as a company, and how they have defined their safety framework. The idea of a COMPASS was presented to the audience, bringing together the elements of leadership, behaviours and systems to drive continuous improvement in Sedgman’s culture and...

Pieter Prinsloo, Automation Manager at Sandvik, was a keynote speaker in Austmine’s Next Generation Mining section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. Pieter’s presentation explained what Sandvik aim for as a company, which is safe and cost effective mining solutions. There was a focus on automation, and the importance of planning and designing for automation. Technology was also discussed, and technology having to fit the application. Another important point...

Richard Taylor, Managing Director of Phu Bhia Mining (Pan Aust), was a Keynote Speaker in Austmine’s Asset Lifecycle Management section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. Richard’s presentation was focused on risk measurement, and the issues associated with this traditional method. It was also highlighted that risk is nothing, if not matched to return, and that the impact of limiting exploration jurisdictions under traditional risk measures can have a big...

CSIRO: iMine - The Intelligent Mine

Stephen Fraser, Leader of Mining Systems at CSIRO, was a Keynote Speaker in Austmine’s Next Generation Mining section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. Stephen’s presentation was focused on the intelligent mine and the need for interoperability. There was information shared regarding industry drivers, rock factory, sensing analytics, The Block Model, automation and the Automation Ecosystem.  

Tony Brand, Head of Operational Systems at Integrated Global Partners, was a Keynote Speaker in Austmine’s Processing Operations section of our Technology Stream at IMARC 2015. Tony’s presentation had a focus on improvement in crushing throughput. The approach presented included 4 steps: Diagnose, Design, Deliver and Defend. This resulted in targets being exceeded, and a 30% improvement in crushing throughput. 

Minemax is pleased to announce the release of Minemax Scheduler 6.2 with batch optimization which allows mine planners to optimize a large number of mine schedules in a single automated process. “Our customers have been asking for this functionality, and we are very happy to deliver this new capability in this release,” reports Jim Butler, CEO of Minemax.

Etihad Airways, the Abu Dhabi-based national airline of the United Arab Emirates,waslast night named Airline of the Year 2016 by the prestigious US-based aviation industry publication Air Transport World (ATW). 

Leading international industry publication honours Abu Dhabi carrier for its unique growth...

As 2015 draws to a close, I wanted to take a look back over what has been an exciting last 12 months from an Austmine perspective.

First and foremost, we have been delighted to welcome on board over 120 new members during 2015. With our member base growing, and the increased support from industry, we are able to advocate even more on behalf of the METS sector, employ more resources to liaise with the mining companies and deliver more services and value to our...

Austmine is delighted to announce that in 2016 we will be running the very first Innovation Mentoring in METS Program. This program is unique, being the only mentoring program for individuals dedicated exclusively to the METS sector. This inaugural round of the program is supported and sponsored by METS Ignited.

Innovation is critical to the mining equipment, technology and...

In 2006, the Cool Company Awards were launched as a way for Anthill to acknowledge and celebrate Australian organisations that are doing things differently to bring about positive change.

This year, CargoHound has won the Anthill 2015 Cool Company Award for connecting exporters and importers with reliable freight providers, reducing the time, cost and risk of international...

Complex Problem – Safely processing magnesium billets

BMT WBM has a long and successful history of delivering innovative solutions to improve user safety and productivity. These range from simple design improvements to fully automated custom machines.

Based on this experience, BMT WBM was engaged to deliver a turnkey solution to process magnesium billets into a granularised product; the processed product was to be used in our...


An international process equipment manufacturer came to BMT WBM looking for a solution to a complex problem, which had been costing them millions of dollars per year over many years. Launders, used in their copper smelting equipment, were deforming during service. This deformation was causing two major problems: the bolted joints between sections of lauder were leaking molten copper, and launder support structures were being pulled out of the floor....

The Entrepreneurs' Programme is the Australian Government’s flagship initiative for business competitiveness and productivity and forms part of the Australian Government’s industry policy outlined in the Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda. 

With a national network of more than 100 experienced private sector Advisers and Facilitators, the Entrepreneurs' Programme offers support to businesses through three...

Submissions for the Queensland Mining Contractor Awards open today, with entries welcomed across innovation, cost and time saving, product development, engagement and equal opportunity categories.

With just over six months to go until the winners are announced, BBMC Director Jodie Currie says she’s looking forward to discovering some hidden treasures.

“With the high calibre of submissions received in 2014,...

In 2016, Austmine will launch a new, technical webinar series, that will showcase our members' expertise in specific topic areas which are of critical concern to miners around the world today. These webinars will be hosted by Austmine and will feature a maximum of 3 member companies selected from the interested parties. If you're interested in speaking on behalf of your company on one of the below topics (a 15 minute presentation will be required), please <a...< body=""></a...<>

Businesses with OT networks need to be in a position to assess, identify and rectify cyber security vulnerabilities if they are to prevent malicious attacks that exploit these flaws. PwC's latest article draws on experience conducting cyber security assessments and penetration tests across the globe to identify the 10 most common security flaws in OT networks.

Business leaders who have security as part of their overall business strategy discussion are...

The start to 2016 for the mining and METS sectors has been a disappointing one. Whilst iron ore has temporarily risen in price, it is forecast to drop back down to around $US30 per tonne, and another smaller iron ore player, Gindalbie Metals, has been abandoned by parent company Ansteel and currently hovers in uncertainty about the future of its Karara Project. Some of Austmine’s directors took time out to share their thoughts on 2016, what it holds for the industry and...

With such pressure on CAPEX projects in the current climate, much of that falls directly onto the shoulders of engineering firms, who are pushed to consistently innovate and evolve in order to meet ever tightening cost and productivity demands. In light of that, Austmine took some time to catch up with Jeff Sterling, Managing Director at

MICROMINE’s namesake solution, Micromine allows students to use and experience valuable on the job skills through its easy-to-use features.
MICROMINE’s Academic Licensing Scheme (ALS) continues to assist students with industry based learning and on the job skills by partnering with the University of Leicester in 2016 and beyond.

As a participant in...


Are you an innovative company looking to grow? Would you like to build new relationships, enter new markets and gain a truly global perspective of where opportunities lie?

In a South Australian first, the Department of State Development (DSD) will lead a mining equipment and technology delegation to Ontario, Canada in March 2016. The delegation will be treated to a...

Austrade reference:  OPP10008193

Response deadline:  5/02/2016

The customer is seeking the following product/service: 

Feasibility study on selection of an efficient scheme of stripping and development of Podolskoye deposits group. The detailed assignment description is attached.

The end...

Pictured in image to the right: L-RDaniel Sullivan, CEO METS Ignited, Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, Chair METS Ignited, Jonathon Loraine, CEO CRC ORE, Ben Adair, Managing Director and CEO CRC ORE

Opportunities to encourage greater collaboration and commercialisation for the Australian METS sector are the key drivers of the recently signed agreement between METS Ignited,...

The declining grades of most of our world's resources is one of the biggest challenges faced by mining operations around the world today. It is not a challenge that can be removed, so rather miners must find new ways in which to mine smarter, improve extraction rates and reduce operational costs. Austmine caught up with John Hearne, CEO of

«April 2019»
2/04/2019 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Anglo American Smart Mining Networking Event - EVENT FULL

Location: Hotel Grand Chancellor Brisbane, Leichhardt Street, Brisbane City QLD, Australia

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3/04/2019 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Austmine New Member Welcome - BRISBANE

Location: Little Big House 18 Southpoint, 271 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD 4101

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10/04/2019 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Newcastle Meet the Miners Networking Event - EVENT FULL

Location: Rydges Newcastle, Merewether Street, Newcastle NSW, Australia

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1/05/2019 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Monash University Student Information Session: Austmine STEM METS Career Pathway Program

Location: Monash University, Clayton Campus, Wellington Road, Clayton VIC, Australia

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