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Brisbane End of Year Networking Event Brisbane End of Year Networking Event

Brisbane End of Year Networking Event

27/11/2019 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Austmine 30 Year Anniversary Dinner Austmine 30 Year Anniversary Dinner

Austmine 30 Year Anniversary Dinner

21/11/2019 6:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Sydney End of Year Networking Event Sydney End of Year Networking Event

Sydney End of Year Networking Event

12/11/2019 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Meet the Miners at IMARC 2019 - EVENT FULL Meet the Miners at IMARC 2019 - EVENT FULL

Meet the Miners at IMARC 2019 - EVENT FULL

30/10/2019 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Austmine VIP Drinks at IMARC Austmine VIP Drinks at IMARC

Austmine VIP Drinks at IMARC

29/10/2019 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC)

International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC)

28/10/2019 8:00 AM - 31/10/2019 5:00 PM
Contractors Panel Smart Mining Networking Event Contractors Panel Smart Mining Networking Event

Contractors Panel Smart Mining Networking Event

23/10/2019 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

In the current industry environment, Australian METS are facing considerable pressures to decrease costs but ensure the same or better quality of product. However, there are signs that the sector is beginning to pick-up, with increasingly optimistic language from senior mining leaders. Austmine recently caught up with Gillis Broinowski, Chairman, Texo Australasia to understand what operational procedures and strategies can lead to success in the current...

The latest motor control and energy developments in intelligence, information and operational technologies were showcased at PowerTechED.

Rockwell Automation recently held PowerTechED in Perth to keep customers informed on the latest advances in motor control and energy technologies.  With a strong emphasis on intelligence, information and safety, the event was well attended by people from a wide range of heavy...

Disruptive innovations have changed the traditional operations in each stage of the mining value chain and have required individuals from all disciplines to develop skills and capabilities that were previously irrelevant in mining. It is undisputed that the future of mining will be high-tech and digitised, and indeed, this is already upon us with the increased use of automation, data management, integrated operations, faster mine planning and simulation software and...

Australian owned and run 3rd generation family business Worldpoly is amongst 38 of Australia’s leading technology companies short listed into the Australian Technologies Competition (ATC) for 2016.

The company’s PolyForce high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) welding technology was nominated for both the Energy Resources Award & Mining Technologies Award, and this is the first time the business has been involved with the ATC awards.

The Australian Made...

Leading provider of intuitive software solutions and services to the international mining sector, MICROMINE is pleased to announce the release of Pitram 2015 Version 4.6, the leading underground fleet management and mine control solution.

Pitram 4.6 includes many new and enhanced features which have been designed to further assist both surface and underground operations to...

Today the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, the Hon Greg Hunt MP announced the opening of the Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII), a key initiative of the National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA).

BRII is a programme for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The pilot programme covers the first challenges for which SMEs can develop solutions.  SMEs can apply for a competitive grant of up to $100,000 to undertake a...

Now in its 23rd year, Investing in Africa Mining Indaba is Africa’s largest mining event and participation is important for Australian mining organisations looking to enter or expand in Africa.

Last year approximately 6,000 delegates, including many African Ministers, investors and leading representatives from mining organisations attended.

Why join the Australia Lounge?
1. Exclusive access to premier meeting spaces in the Australia...

Maptek I-Site Studio 6.1 [released today] includes new tools that streamline management of survey data.

Users will be able to easily register laser scans to coordinate systems, including local mine grid coordinates. As soon as scans are brought into I-Site Studio they are ready for processing. There is no need to undertake custom...

Engineering and heavy industrial businesses in the Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday region are being encouraged to ensure their business is registered in our region’s most extensive capability document.

Resource Industry Network, with the support of Regional Development Australia MIW, is developing the Regional Industry Capability Directory to establish the depth of engineering and heavy industrial services available in the region.

Resource Industry...

MICROMINE will be exhibiting at this year’s 35th International Geological Congress 27 August - 4 September in Cape Town, South Africa.

The team will showcase our entire suite of solutions at booth C20, including a preview to Geobank 2017, the latest versions of our leading data management solution, along with Micromine 2016 which was released in May of this year and Pitram, the world’s leading underground fleet management...

The mining industry has always presented substantial workforce management challenges, with remote locations, FIFO workers and hazardous environments being the norm. However, with the continued integration of advanced technologies and innovations and the industry downturn, labour management has become even more complicated. Austmine recently caught up with Gary Wotherspoon, Chief Operating Officer,

Mining and METS Industry Awards

The mining and METS sectors have a wide range of awards throughout each year that recognise the contributions of companies and individuals to the success of the industry. For organisations, being a finalist or winning an award can assist in gaining more traction with potential clients as there is recognition of the success of products and services or other business initiatives. For individuals, awards can help enhance career prospects and cement your place as a leader in your...

 Sandvik Eclipse™ is the first firefighting foam in the mobile equipment fire suppression market to receive a CSIRO ActivFire listing, complying with strict new guidelines imposed by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage last month.

As detailed in the Management of Firefighting Foams Policy, all firefighting foams containing PFOS and PFOA shall be replaced as soon as practicable with sustainable alternatives. These products and all PFOA...

Brisbane, QLD, Australia – Deswik announces today the inclusion of new mobile 3D scanning tools in its upcoming software release, version 2016.2.  With the International Congress for Mine Surveying (ISM 2016) taking place next month (Brisbane, Sept. 13-16), Deswik will use this event as a platform to officially launch and showcase this exciting new functionality to the mine surveying...

Under the Commonwealth’s Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Program (Round 2) the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, the Hon. Greg Hunt has announced LaserBond’s successful grant application to support funding of our advanced robotic additive manufacturing system for our Cavan, SA 

Worldpoly has recently been shortlisted in the Australian Technologies Competition (ATC) in 2016, nominated for both the Energy Resources Award and the Mining Technologies Award for their PolyForce high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) welding equipment. Austmine recently caught up with Worldpoly’s Managing Director, Rob Hall, to discuss this Australian manufacturing...

With the continuous motion of heavy stacker-reclaimers backwards and forwards over various sections of stockpile rail networks, deflections and track slumping typically results from heavy rainfall and saturated soil. Accumulating over time, the rails can deviate considerably from what was originally installed/surveyed, and subsequently, may exceed original machine design tolerances for deflection under operational load conditions. The subsequent bearing...

New software that enables an optimal, streamlined approach to mine plant shutdown scheduling to fast track maintenance was the overall winner at today’s Curtin Commercial Innovation Awards, resulting in $15,000 for its inventors.

Shutdown maintenance optimisation was a research project involving Curtin researchers Associate Professor Ryan Loxton, Dr Reza Parand, Dr Yufei Sun, Mr Chongyi Liu and Mr Praveen Jayakumari. The project was initiated and funded by Linkforce...

Austmine interviewed Bede Boyle following Coaltrans Australia Conference in Sydney on 25&26 August 2016, on Business Opportunities for Australian METS Firms.

Chairman of Manufacturship Group, Bede Boyle has been involved with the Australian Coal Industry and METS sector over four decades and is a Director of Coal Ventures Limited.

Austmine Q: The...

Canadian-miner Eldorado Gold’s decision to deploy RCT’s Smart Technology at its White Mountain gold mine in north-eastern China saw the site strengthen its safety culture as well as increase mine productivity at the same time.

Prior to implementing the new technology, White Mountain utilised handheld Line-of-Sight equipment which required two workers (one to remote the machine and the other to manually control the bucket) to operate the one machine in order to adhere...
We concluded our back to back events in NSW with our first regional Hunter Valley hackathon last weekend at Dantia Smart Hub (DaSH). Three industry challenges and data sets were opened up for innovators around Newcastle, from the NSW Dept of Industry and CMOC-Northparkes Mines. Some expert participants fought off sleep deprivation to code their way through the weekend, while for others it was their first time at a hackathon. With the help of expert mentors and a...


[2 September 2016] – West Perth-based Optika Solutions was awarded the 2016 National Innovation of the Year Award at this year’s The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA)  iAWARDS presentation ceremony for their world-leading data analytics platform, Akumen.     Akumen was also category winner for the Big Data Innovation of the Year.

The iAwards are Australia’s leading awards...

The Cooperative Research Centre for Optimising Resource Extraction (CRC ORE) and Whittle Consulting have recently collaborated to combine the principles of Grade Engineering® and Enterprise Optimisation concepts within an applied research framework.

The synergy between Grade Engineering principles and Enterprise Optimisation was assessed through a case study that examined potential Grade Engineering techniques using advanced modelling across the entire value...

Water management has always been a major concern for mining companies and is coming to the forefront of environmental considerations for operators. Several factors have prompted the renewed focus on water management, including mine sites being in increasingly remote geographical locations where water is scarce, declining ore grades that will require an increase in intensity of mineral processes and will use more water; and an expanding range of regulations that will need closer...

For a number of reasons technology in mining operations has not held speed with that of other industries. Technology reliability and cost as well as mine remoteness and skilled users have all played a part. Amidst challenging operating conditions, Mining companies have focussed on ‘mining the mine’ and it hasn’t been until now that there has been a defining need for technology to reach the next level of productivity improvements. The perfect storm of declining commodity prices,...

Economic downturn has the industry streamlining business processes to adapt

6 September Sydney - The domestic mining downturn is now widely accepted as one unlikely to receive an imminent correction. This sentiment is reinforced by a recent NAB outlook report suggesting we may be as long as three years away from an upward swing. This creates a period of forced change where the...

Australian METS’ technology is widely renowned for being more reliable and cost-effective than products and services offered by overseas competitors. This is most definitely the case in Latin America, where many operations are in critical need of Australia’s productivity enhancing and safety-improving technologies. This trust of Australian products presents significant export opportunities for Australian METS at a time where it is difficult to secure business in our...

Here is a sobering statistic. 60% to 70% of all changes management projects in organisations fail. This is according to research by Mckinsey and Company and the failure rate has been consistent since the 1970s till now. Just pause and let it sink in. 60% to 70% failure…….

Despite reading Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr Spencer Johnson and implementing John Kotter’s 8 Steps Change Management Model,...

At Austmine's Co-Lab on 26th August in Newcastle, the topic was Performance Improvement Now. We brought together 28 industry experts for this full day workshop, representing 7 mining companies and 12 METS companies, to discuss what could be done differently by our sector to make a change. These needed to focus on the shorter term, rather than the longer term. 

The webinar provided the following details of the Co-Lab:

  • Setting the...
  • The Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Craig Laundy helped open the Hedweld Engineering facility in the Hunter Valley this week.

    The advanced manufacturing facility designs and manufactures specialised mining and safety equipment, and was officially opened on Wednesday 7 September.

    The new plant received $2 million in government funding through the Manufacturing Transition Programme,...

    Unearthed San Francisco: bringing the global mining and resources industry to the startup technology community of Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

    We are gearing up to host our eighth hackathon for 2016 in San Francisco this month, taking another step in our international journey connecting startups and entrepreneurs to the resources industry.

    From 23-25 September, Unearthed San Francisco...

    On September 7, 2016 Hedweld celebrated the grand opening of a new manufacturing facility that will drive innovation and advanced manufacturing in the Hunter Region.

    Located in Mt Thorley, NSW the new facility represents a $8 million investment and will result in the creation of high-tech engineering jobs initially, in disciplines ranging from mechanical and electrical to systems and software engineering. 

    Hedweld marked the occasion...

    The digital revolution has kicked into gear in the mining industry, with the implementation of remote operations centres and fleet automation a prime example of this. However, the general consensus is that mining is still years’ behind other industries in embracing advanced technologies and innovations. Austmine recently caught up with John Vagenas, Managing Director, Metallurgical Systems to gather his thoughts on the transformation of the mining life...

    Mining technology provider Maptek announced today that Sam Shoemaker has joined the Maptek North American office as a Principal Engineer to further develop their resource estimation and long range strategic mine planning capabilities.

    Shoemaker comes to Maptek with more than 30 years of mining engineering experience delivering detailed open pit mine planning and mine design projects for iron, copper, and...

    Break-even is Broken

    A 0.1 g/t gold grade error in a break-even grade can make half of an ore reserve of zero value

    The lead author’s father was taught at school that the “nucleus of an atom was the smallest indivisible piece of matter”. It was then an undisputable truth. We now know of course about quarks, muons and neutrinos. In this article we invite the reader to...

    We are planning for meetings later in 2016 with China, Japan and Korea to discuss the implementation of our free trade agreements with those countries.  We are interested in business views on utilising ChAFTA, JAEPA and KAFTA in those markets, and whether there are particular issues you think should be raised with our trading partners. Please email

    • Thursday 29 September, 7:45am - 11:00am
    • South Australian Drill Core Reference Library

    RESA is proud to be coordinating this event on behalf of the Department of State Development, as part of the Copper Strategy Success Seminar program. The Future of Work seminar aims to inform and stimulate industry to consider the workforce challenges and opportunities that may arise as South...

    Newcrest Mining will install a large-scale Cave Tracker System at its Cadia East mine in New South Wales.

    Developed and manufactured by Brisbane-based Elexon Mining, the Cave Tracker System was conceived in collaboration with Newcrest, CRC Mining and Rio Tinto. Newcrest hosted the earliest trials of the prototype system at its Ridgeway Deeps mine.

    Elexon Mining Product Manager Simon Steffen said, “The Cave Tracker System is a big step forward...

    San Francisco Next Weekend

    Not long to go until #UnearthedSF, the first Unearthed hackathon in San Francisco takes place at Galvanize. Register below to take part in the weekend innovating on large resource industry challenges and data from BHP Billiton and Caterpillar.

    Read More

    Mine Site Technologies brings IoT to underground mining.

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a catch phrase in the global mining market. It sets the very real, modern benchmark for expectations on communications systems.

    As the need for accurate, real-time information drives the global mining industry toward unprecedented productivity and safety levels, MST has developed exactly the type of technology required...

    BRISBANE, Australia, 19 September 2016

    RungePincockMinarco (RPM) is proud to announce that its global Advisory division performed an integral role in the global team supporting China Molybdenum’s (CMOC) purchase of two world class assets from Anglo American Plc (Anglo) and Freeport-McMoran Inc (Freeport) totalling approximately USD$4.1 Billion.

    CMOC are...

    Earlier today the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, the Hon. Greg Hunt MP, launched the Incubator Support Initiative.

    The Incubator Support Initiative was announced as a new measure under the National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA) in December 2015.  The $23m initiative will be implemented as a fourth element of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, complementing the existing suite of services already...

    The final session of the 2016 DEVELOP Program was completed last Wednesday.

    Across six months, participating companies have worked to improve their business in multiple areas including prequalification, marketing, social media and business strategy. Their business development journey has been supported by RESA and program facilitators Rowe SMG, ensuring all companies have received practical, targeted advice on building their resources business. Participants have...


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