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Austmine Sustainability Webinar Series Part 2 - Renewable Energy’s Role in Mining’s Future
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Austmine Sustainability Webinar Series Part 2 - Renewable Energy’s Role in Mining’s Future

In a world which is increasingly connected, the mining industry is under close scrutiny from communities, government and investors. The benefits from mining can be vast for all stakeholders, but the future of the industry is inextricably linked to our ability to minimise the environmental footprint and community impact of operations, while maximising economic gains.

Key to mining’s future is innovation. We must look towards creative technologies, adaptive processes and new procedures to transform mining into a sustainable and safe practice, that communities are more willing to embrace.

This webinar series will feature presentations from industry experts on the pathway to achieving sustainability for the mining industry, exploring current trends and emerging innovations that are central to our future prosperity.

Part 2 of our Sustainability Series will focus on Renewable Energy’s Role in Mining’s Future. With leading nations around the world committed to reducing global warming levels, investment in renewables continues to grow. However, renewables make up just 2.5% of mining’s energy mix, which is very low compared to other industries. Mining companies will need to consider their energy transition to ensure social license to operate.

This webinar will describe the benefits and challenges of implementing renewable energies into the mining industry, providing examples of current operations who are leading the way in this space.

Topics discussed will include:

  • The changing energy mix in mining
  • Utilisation of solar, wind and hydro in mining operations
  • Electrification of mining operations 
  • Hybrid energy systems and micro-grids

Expert Speakers:

  • Paul Mitchell, Global Mining & Metals Sector Leader, EY
  • Stephen Sproul – Senior Engineer for Microgrids and Energy Storage, ABB Australia
  • Michel Carreau, Director of Hybrid Power, Renewable Power, Hatch

Paul Mitchell, Global Mining & Metals Sector Leader, EY

 Paul Mitchell is the Global Mining & Metals Leader and undertakes complex transformations for EY's largest clients. With over 10 years business experience and 20 years consulting experience, Paul is an expert facilitator with broad financial and operational skills. His experience includes the development of corporate, operational and IT strategies, profit enhancement and performance improvement, post merger integration, financial and operational management.


Stephen Sproul – Senior Engineer for Microgrids and Energy Storage, ABB Australia

Stephen is a Chartered Professional Engineer with 10 years experience across the power industry in Australia and abroad. In his role with ABB he works with customers to conceptualise, design and implement the right microgrid solution for the customer and power system.

Stephen has commissioned systems across Queensland - to integrate renewables and defer network reinforcement and designed microgrid control systems, with ABB’s R&D team in Italy. He has also developed tools to interconnect multi-megawatt wind farms in Scotland and helped foster and refine energy storage markets, and interconnection rules - such as Rule 21, in California.


Michel Carreau, Director of Hybrid Power, Renewable Power, Hatch

Michel has expertise in the development of energy projects such as hybrid power, hydro-electricity, wind, solar, thermal power, biomass, energy storage, small scale LNG, hydrogen, and electrical vehicles. 

At Hatch and based in Montreal, Canada, Michel works directly with mining, ports and industrial companies, project developers and utilities to develop solutions to reduce their cost of energy and lower their carbon footprint. Michel has managed multi-disciplinary teams for innovative projects delivered in more than 20 countries.

To register for this webinar, use the link at the top of the screen. To register for all webinars in the series, contact us at with the subject line: Registration for Sustainability Webinar Series.

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Export event Date: 22 Aug 2019, 12:30 PM - 22 Aug 2019, 1:30 PM

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