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Austmine Sustainability Webinar Series Part 3 - Managing Water Resources
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Austmine Sustainability Webinar Series Part 3 - Managing Water Resources

In a world which is increasingly connected, the mining industry is under close scrutiny from communities, government and investors. The benefits from mining can be vast for all stakeholders, but the future of the industry is inextricably linked to our ability to minimise the environmental footprint and community impact of operations, while maximising economic gains.

Key to mining’s future is innovation. We must look towards creative technologies, adaptive processes and new procedures to transform mining into a sustainable and safe practice, that communities are more willing to embrace.

This webinar series will feature presentations from industry experts on the pathway to achieving sustainability for the mining industry, exploring current trends and emerging innovations that are central to our future prosperity.

Part 3 of our Sustainability Series will explore the management of water resources. As demand for minerals increase and ore grades decline, pressure is on the industry to drive production through more intense mineral processing, placing strain on precious water reserves. Meanwhile, nearby communities and other industries, such as agriculture, are fighting for the same water resources, affecting our social license to operate.

This webinar will feature industry experts who will discuss this major challenge faced by the mining industry in reducing our impact on water resources. They will describe various technologies and strategies aimed to reduce water intensity in the mining process and to minimise pollution to nearby reserves.

Topics discussed will include:

  • The growing strain on water resources and the impact of mining
  • Reducing water intensity of mining from pit to port
  • Minimising the impact of pollutants from the mining process on water reserves
  • Key innovations and technologies leading the way to sustainable operations

Expert Speakers:

  • Duane Thompson, Regional Sales Manager - Water Division, Minetek

  • Brett Harries, Technical Lead, Interlate

  • Eduardo DeSousa, Principal Groundwater Modeller, DHI Group

About the Speakers:

Brett Harries, Technical Lead, Interlate

Brett has more than 30 years’ experience in a variety of large scale integrated mining and mineral processing operations and manufacturing businesses in Australia and internationally. He has held leadership roles that span across various disciplines including engineering, asset management, plant operations and business development.

At Interlate, Brett leads operational engagements with site-based teams to understand technical and operational issues and the operating context of the site. Working alongside other subject matter experts and data scientists, Brett ensures the effective deployment of identified productivity improvements in the field.

Eduardo DeSousa, Principal Groundwater Modeller, DHI Group

Eduardo de Sousa is a specialist in groundwater modelling, with 16 years of experience working in South America, Africa and Australasia.

Over the years he has developed an extensive track record in delivering innovative modelling solutions in hydrogeological systems of high complexity, including modelling of geothermal systems, reactive transport modelling, design of dewatering and depressurization systems, environmental impact assessments, ecohydrology and groundwater remediation.


To register for this webinar, use the link at the top of the screen. To register for all webinars in the series, contact us at with the subject line: Registration for Sustainability Webinar Series.

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Export event Date: 12 Sep 2019, 12:30 PM - 12 Sep 2019, 1:30 PM

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