Monday, 21 October 2019
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Austmine Limited
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Content Marketing – What’s the Best Way to Get Results?

By Megan Edwards, Membership and Communications Manager, Austmine

Following on from my piece a couple of weeks ago about creating content, I wanted to take a look at the next stage of actually getting the content out to market. This is not designed as a complete guide for content marketing, simply some pointers to get you going!

  1. Before even starting to market the content, you need to think about the marketing copy that will promote it. So often I’ve seen, and make the mistake myself, of underselling the value of content, or miscommunicating what it contains. This can lead to either fewer people seeing it, or people consuming it and feeling disappointed, which is obviously the opposite experience to what you want them to have! Therefore spend some time thinking about what people will get out of the content (this should have been decided by whoever created it anyway) and then ensure your copy clearly conveys those takeaways.
  2. Don’t hide your content – make sure your sales teams know about it! They can then share it with clients and prospects directly, plus by sharing through their social media networks. Don’t only rely on generic marketing channels for pushing your content out, or you’ll miss a huge opportunity.
  3. There are a lot of ways to share your content. Numerous sites will host your content for a fee and either share the details of those who download it, or host it un-gated to get more eyes over it. If you want to expand the network of people seeing it, this can be a good way to go, but clarify what the guarantees are so your expectations on the ROI are realistic. There are also a host of free options for sharing your content. Obviously your own website should carry it, as well as social media sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Slideshare, Youtube and so on, depending on the medium. If it’s a great piece (try to be objective here), it’s worth approaching other organisations such as associations, government bodies, or some of the international mining news sites to see if they will post it for free. Here at Austmine we not only create content for our members, but also host and promote it for them as part of the membership subscription.
  4. Frequency of sharing can vary depending on the content piece. I have one former client whose whitepaper has been around for roughly 8 – 10 months now and I still see it on many news sites and mining forums, still getting downloads and viewings. Great content can stand the test of time (time being relative in today’s fast-paced online economy). I personally feel you should share content as much as possible in the first couple of weeks after its creation, then give it a break before promoting it again further down the track. This does depend on how time sensitive the piece is though, as you risk looking out of touch if it’s irrelevant 6 months on and you’re still pushing it.
  5. Capturing leads from content is an often controversial decision. I know many who criticised my former employer for putting detail capture forms before an industry interview, because they knew there would be a follow up sales call. Deciding to capture leads or not depends on why you are generating that particular piece of content. If you’re generating it purely for increased brand awareness or push marketing, then it’s not really necessary. However, if you’re doing it to generate warm leads for your sales teams then capturing those leads is critical.

Here are great examples of content that has been created by METS companies:

  • Dassault/3DS – particularly good examples of whitepapers and engaging client case studies
  • Schneider Electric – really active in the hosted webinar space
  • PwC – excellent in-depth industry reports backed up with lots of facts and figures

Don’t forget, Austmine members get one complimentary piece of written content created for them per year, so if you’ve not created this with me yet, drop me a line on or ring me on 02 8310 0601 to learn more about the industry Q&A opportunity.


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