Sunday, 20 September 2020
Glencore Matagami Mine Increase their OEE and Payload with Newtrax Mobile Equipment Telemetry (MET)

Glencore Matagami Mine Increase their OEE and Payload with Newtrax Mobile Equipment Telemetry (MET)

Located in the heart of the boreal forest in the Nord-du-Québec region, Glencore Matagami Mine is located about 10 km west of the city of Matagami. The Bracemac and McLeod deposits consist of several lenses rich in zinc and copper that also have low silver and gold grades. The Matagami area is host to historical production of 8.6 billion lb of zinc and 853 million lb of copper. Glencore Matagami mine first implemented the Newtrax Mobile Equipment Telemetry system back in 2016 on their trucks and LHDs in order to maximize their haulage efficiency.

Glencore Matagami mine has been faced with a continual challenge: how to haul ore to the surface most efficiently. Normally, this isn’t the most difficult challenge a mine faces, but at Matagami, all their ore is hauled with trucks. Efficiency is vital at the mine, because those haulage trips are more than 8km in each direction. The huge distance means it’s essential to get every tonne possible onto the truck before it heads to the surface.

As part of the solution to this, Glencore needed more information about their operation. So they turned to the Newtrax Mobile Equipment Telemetry system. The MET works with all equipment brands and models, and was easily integrated to Matagami mine’s mixed fleet of trucks and LHDs. Glencore Matagami used the system in multiple ways:

•         To monitor the Standard Production Times of equipment

•         To calculate Utilization of ore haulage

•         To calculate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

•         To calculate Loads per cycle

Christian Ngoma, the underground operations superintendent of Matagami, said Newtrax technology allows mine management to get a clearer idea of what is actually going on, thanks to hard date.


“The Newtrax system enables us, from a managerial perspective, to make decisions based on facts that are measurable, instead of perceptions,” Ngoma said.

They installed a custom fit Payload Monitoring System, which interfaces directly the OEM’s existing sensor network. This enables:

•         Real-time payload data available on the Newtrax Scoreboards and cab display for the operators

•         Real-time payload broadcasted to the Newtrax MET telemetry recorder every 5 seconds, with no operator intervention

“We now have production trucks equipped with Newtrax scoreboards to show tonnage, and the LHD operators use this tool to load the trucks in an optimal way. We now noticed that four out of five of our trucks have an average tonnage of approximately 60 tonnes in comparison to 55 tonnes before,” Ngoma said. “The impact of that technology has is to optimize the loading of trucks. Especially with the long haulage distance, that is our biggest challenge here.”

Since implementing this, they have been able to raise their average tonnage from 55 tonnes to 60 tonnes which has increased productivity; especially given the long haulage distances they are facing. Trucks travel 8km, with a possible extension to 10.4km in the coming years, he said.

After using the Newtrax MET system for 1 year, the Glencore Matagami Team was able to observe the following results:

•         5-6% increase in Utilization on their ore haulage

•         4% increase on the Overall Equipment Effectiveness

•         5% increase on Loads per cycle

 “The Standard Production time report is an improvement that is more representative of our daily operations. From personal experience, after having presented it to my team, I presented it again the following shift and there was a clear difference in our operations. Everything was optimized from one shift to the next,” the haulage team supervisor Dany Lavoie-Mercier said.

Solutions provided by Newtrax are useable across a number of platforms and systems, allowing for easy adaptability.

“The Newtrax system enables us to transfer data via different networks which facilitates its adoption into different mines,” Mohammed Lamine-Lamrani, reliability engineer at Matagami, said. “The system helped us identify the different delays of activities, in terms of our machines, which allowed us to intervene, improve, and increase our Overall Equipment Efficiency.”

Matagami mine general manager Mark Furlotte said digitalizing their operation is part of their plan for keeping their mine looking to the future.

“At Glencore and Matagami mine, we really want to continue investing on our people, our infrastructure, and our assets. And one of the areas we want to continue investing in is technology,” Furlotte said. “We want to take things that are done elsewhere in the industry, things are done in open pit mines, and really bring that underground. We really want to be considered as one the innovative mines around not only Quebec, Canada, but also the world.”





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