Saturday, 4 April 2020
Chile - Open for Innovation

Chile - Open for Innovation

Christine Gibbs Stewart, CEO, Austmine

There is no doubt that Chileans are some of the best miners in the world. The size and scale of mining operations, combined with the pride the Chileans take in their mining history, ore deposits and overall economic contribution reflects just how important mining is to the country.

After spending a few weeks in Chile and getting a feel for the mining landscape and visiting several mining operations, it is clear that Chilean miners are open to new thinking, new ways of doing things and new partnerships. In other words, the innovation and collaboration focus which has been prominent in Australia is also alive and well in Chile.

Key Challenges

Chile, like most mining countries, is facing many challenges and key amongst these is declining ore grades and the need therefore to mine to deeper depths, which is putting massive pressures on the cost of operations. Mining is also moving closer to communities and impacting more on the population centres as new deposits are sought.

To tackle these challenges, CODELCO, the world’s largest copper miner has a new focus on innovation, and has put in place an innovation management system which takes the concept of innovation from simply creating knowledge to a focus on adding value. Part of this involves scouting for new technologies around the world, and looking at new supplier arrangements to ensure stronger partnerships...

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  • Details on the key initiatives currently undertaken at CODELCOTECH - a centre for innovative projects
  • Advice for Australian METS companies seeking to establish business in Chile

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