Thursday, 13 August 2020
Export opportunity in India for Consultancy & Mitigation Work on Underground Fires in Coal Mines

Export opportunity in India for Consultancy & Mitigation Work on Underground Fires in Coal Mines

Austrade Kolkata has fielded an inquiry on behalf of Tata Steel ( seeking Australian METS companies to provide consultancy and mitigation of underground fires in coal mines.

The customer is seeking the following product/service: 
Consultancy and mitigation work on fire related issues at their underground coal mines at Jharia. The Jharia division has two areas which are isolated and have fires. One is at 13/14 seam of Sijua Colliery and the other is at Jamadoba Group encompassing 13/14 seam of all three mines (the mines are connected). The fires are under control and they are being injected with Nitrogen on continuous basis. However, these fires remain a continuing risk to our workings which have migrated to lower seams. Managing these fires also adds to fixed costs. They are trying for some solution related to:
- Review the condition of the fires and present practices to suggest improvements to manage these Fire Areas as long as the mines are under operation
- Work out the details of Fire Area Management if 13/14 seams are abandoned. This shall cover scientific procedure, likely impacts on surface and adjoining   mines, mitigation measures, quantification of jobs, cost estimates, residual legacy/liability etc.

The end user(s) of the product/service will be Tata Steel Limited. Tata Steel Limited is a global steel producer and has a record of inducting technology to improve performance. Tata Steel evaluates technology as a value proposition. Tata Steel has a long history of importing Australian coking coal and METS. 

Please find a supplier EOI form below. 

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