Thursday, 3 December 2020
AssetOn Launches OnPlan: Software to Build Safer Work Instructions, Faster

AssetOn Launches OnPlan: Software to Build Safer Work Instructions, Faster

This was originally published by AssetOn.

BRISBANE, Mar. 4, 2020 – AssetOn Group Pty Ltd has publicly launched OnPlan – a whole-product solution for building and deploying work for mining assets.

OnPlan work instruction software is for mine maintenance departments who are dissatisfied with the time is takes to build and manage work instructions. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows technical writers and engineers quickly build documents from repeatable elements. The system is estimated to be 3x faster than building documents in Microsoft Word. It includes features specifically designed for owners of large industrial assets across the mining value chain.

Despite hype around digital transformation, much of the mining and other industrial workforces still rely on paper-based work instructions and standard operating procedures. With OnPlan, mining companies have the choice of continuing to use paper-based documents, or staging a transition to the OnPlan App. The OnPlan App is an intuitive software that allows technicians to take interactive ‘smart’ work instructions into the field.  This can be done from the same structured data source, saving thousands of person-hours. 

Another key feature of OnPlan is the focus on hazards and risks reduction. Hazards are identified at job step level, increasing technician awareness and providing support for ensuring appropriate controls are in place to avoid injury. Geoff Boon, an AssetOn director comments – “As maintenance practitioners ourselves, we take protecting worker safety seriously. A pragmatic approach to hazard management and a selectable library is baked into OnPlan.”

AssetOn, a Brisbane based asset management professional services business, created OnPlan out of a need to build thousands of work instructions for clients projects. Frustrated with the inflexibility of traditional tools OnPlan was able to save AssetOn, and their clients, time and money in building maintenance documents. “We would build, say, 1000 documents for a client, and inevitably there would be a change part-way through the project. This is understandable as new information is obtained or standards are updated. However, these small changes would trigger a large amount of rework, costing either the client or us time and money. With OnPlan, any changes can be applied to the database and all affected work instructions updated at once” – says Stuart Burckhardt, another director of AssetOn.

The work instruction creation tool, OnPlan Builder, has been based on the in-house application that was built and used by our master data operations team for the past two years. The team has used the tool to build over 15,000 maintenance documents.

Unlike unstructured Word, Excel documents and generic content or form building systems, OnPlan aligns with your current asset structure and maintenance document workflow. OnPlan can publish documents to multiple formats including Mobile Apps, MS Word Documents and PDF. OnPlan is a whole product solution that integrates into your SAP, SharePoint and other Document Management Systems.

Early adopter customers using the OnPlan solution have reported a significant reduction document build time and a 20% improvement in job execution times.

The full OnPlan solution includes the OnPlan builder, OnPlan workforce mobility app, KrackOn structural inspection app, and a range of asset management and master data services. 

Further details of the OnPlan solutions can be found website at or by contacting AssetOn on +61 7 3067 2429.  


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