Thursday, 3 December 2020
Controlling the Situation with Pitram

Controlling the Situation with Pitram

The sophisticated yet intuitive functionality of MICROMINE’s fleet management and mine control solution, Pitram, makes it the ideal solution for any underground mining operation. Constant improvements are being made by MICROMINE to ensure Pitram remains a leading underground software. Pitram provides operators greater control of the site by providing an overall view of the current mine status. This helps to achieve 3 key things:

The Materials Management module utilizes mine data to provide a real-time stockpile balances throughout the mining operation.

Increased production

Pitram has been designed to optimise mining processes such as scheduling tasks and monitoring resource stockpiles and help to reduce inefficiencies throughout each process.

Data can be captured by radio infrastructure or entered into Pitram’s Mobile tablets by equipment operators which is then automatically uploaded to the server when in range of Wi-Fi connection. These methods eliminate the possibility of human error and allowing decisions based on that data to be made in real time.

The Materials Management module utilises mine design, survey and production data to provide real-time stockpile balances throughout the mining operation. This allows operators to know the exact location and value of available material at all times. 

The Shift Planner module allows for planned work to be divided into tasks or activities and rescheduled or reallocated in real time during the shift.

Reduce costs

With an ongoing focus on helping reduce production costs, Pitram’s ability to optimise tasks helps to keep these operational costs down. The Shift Planner module allows for the planned work of equipment and mining locations to be divided into small, interdependent tasks. These tasks can then be rescheduled in real time if a delay occurs ensuring that time isn’t wasted recalculating when to complete the task. Over the course of an operation, this can potentially save millions in costs.

Underground equipment can also be fitted with Pitram’s Machine Guidance MineGrade solution that assists to improve the productivity of machines by ensuring measurements are accurately measured the first time. This reduces the rehandling of machinery and ultimately reduces the costs throughout the operation. 

The Controlled Areas module monitors access to hazardous or restricted areas and alerts supervisors when the authorized duration within those areas is exceeded.

Improve safety standards

Pitram is able to provide an overall view of the mine by providing the real time locations and status of equipment and personnel. This helps to ensure a safe working environment by alerting the control room if a potential dangerous situation is about to occur.

The Controlled Areas module monitors access to dangerous or hazardous underground areas and will alert supervisors when the authorised duration within those areas is exceeded.

An added benefit of the Machine Guidance module is the improvements it makes for a safe working environment. Reducing the rehandling of work through the utilisation of the Machine Guidance MineGrade solution keeps machine operators inside the cabin and away from potential hazards. Each machine is also fitted with sensors that indicate when other equipment is within close proximity. If a collision is likely to occur, the control room is alerted and can radio to the equipment operators to alert them to the situation.

The implementation of Pitram at numerous underground mine sites worldwide indicates its popularity as an underground mine control solution. With the release of Pitram Version 5.0 in Q4 of this year to contain numerous improvements, MICROMINE aims to continue building upon Pitram’s success by providing users with improved usability, functionality and performance. 

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