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Eriez Magnetic Mill Liner Provides Unmatched Performance

Eriez Magnetic Mill Liner Provides Unmatched Performance

This was originally published by Eriez.

Eriez’ magnetic mill liners use magnetic force to not only hold the metal liner to the shell but also to attract ball chips and magnetically susceptible minerals to the liner surface.

Eriez, an expert company in separation technologies, has developed a magnetic mill liner (MML) which combines the best qualities of steel and magnetic technology to create an advanced liner.

The MML is essentially a wear-resistant steel-encased magnet. The magnet not only holds the metal liner to the shell but also attracts ball chips and magnetically susceptible minerals to the liner surface, thus forming a compacted layer of material which serves as a wear facing.

The ball chips and magnetic minerals form a protective layer; thereby extending the liner’s life by years and reducing the need for maintenance.

Eriez states that this innovative mill liner has proven performance in milling operations and delivered improved grinding efficiency.

The thickness of the MML together with the protection layer is less than a conventional liner, and this adds a further benefit of potentially creating a greater working volume.

The MML also creates a wave form that is generated by the magnetic force, optimising attrition by helping to lift the material being ground. Higher attrition results in less abrasion and impact and promotes a higher charge pressure and more efficient grinding.

Grinding ball chips and other debris discharged from a ball mill can cause extreme wear to downstream processing equipment. These ball chips and debris can circulate in the milling circuit and can cause excessive damage to pumps, cyclones and piping.

Energy is unnecessarily consumed by chips and the debris that must eventually be ground to a particle size small enough to allow for its discharge from the mill circuit through cyclone overflow.

Instead, the Eriez metal magnetic mill liner concentrates ball chips and debris to the working surface and prevents discharge from the mill while the solid protection layer is formed. These smaller sized ball chips are removed from the primary ball charge and work as the liner which delivers a significant drop in energy consumption.

There are further benefits associated with using the MML, according to Eriez.

Compared to traditional steel liners, the safety and ease of installing the MML is enhanced due to the size of each light-weight component being less than 20 kilograms.


Based on Eriez’ observation, installations of MML to date have reported longer service lives with up to six times the life of a manganese steel liner and up to three times the life of most bolt-type liners.

Eriez is now offering customers the opportunity to determine if they can save money by installing a MML in their grinding mills.

The company’s technicians will gather relevant data from customers and model cost-savings projection. Eriez will also provide free plant audits to help customers uncover additional profit-generating improvements.

Eriez has created this special program to prove that the MML system is a more economical choice than typical heavier liners.

The design combines the best qualities of typical steel and magnetic liners to reduce or eliminate installation, maintenance and replacement expenses.

Eriez custom designs liners to suit customers’ specific needs and provides a guaranteed service life with each liner. The magnetic mill liner is tailor-made based on unique mill operation parameters, milling circuit, and DEM simulation.

The DEM simulation optimises the best liner profile for customers to achieve the best milling performance while keeping the magnetic mill liner lasting.

Operation of the MML has shown decreases in shutdown time, improved mill availability, reduced noise levels and increases in productivity and profitability.

The magnetic mill liner has been installed in over 600 applications throughout the mining industry worldwide, which includes both secondary ball mills and regrind ball mills.

Eriez is recognized as world authority in separation technologies. For more information please contact their experts on +613 8401 7400, email or visit their website


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