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Mining Differently in Australia

Mining Differently in Australia

This was originally published by Stratflow Australia.

Do you wish you had...

Confidence in exceeding your mandated targets every month?

More time to do important work and better employee engagement and culture?

Miners are under pressure to meet and improve on a multitude of targets. Many of these targets are opposing and change due to market and corporate influence. In trying to manage everything priorities become unclear and departments cannot be aligned around around a common strategy. Work becomes reactive. The result is unstable and unreliable production that creates even more pressure, stress and time scarcity. Under these conditions employee engagement and the culture needed for innovation, safety and productivity suffer.

And yet, we guarantee that you will achieve your results consistently if you are willing to adjust how you work. The adjustment is easy and low risk, you will have more time to deal with strategy, people and ways of generating more revenue. The insight that we had was to realise that rather than trying to optimise every component of the mine through cost & efficiency, we should look at the whole mine and give all departments the ability to support the flow of production from start to finish. Over 20 years in more than 90 interventions we have achieved an average 20% increased output within 6 months (no capex). We have put this insight into a 6-minute video known as the three bottle experiment. (130 000 views).

Webinar Outcomes

  • Identify the fundamental constraint shackling employee and mine performance

  • Understand how this has been overcome in more than 90+ mine interventions

  • Know how the new way of doing will fit into your current system with minimal interference

  • See how the new way of working delivers an improved culture and employee engagement, safety and innovation.


Hendrik Lourens is a Sydney based management consultant who has worked with Qantas, John Holland, CPB, Downer & Anglo American. He specialises in applying Complexity Science & Theory of Constraints to deliver breakthrough results. He has turned around manufacturers and  improved the safety & productivity of mining and construction companies and published in various mining journals on efficiency and innovation.

Jason Eagleton, the owner of CERACOM, is an astute 25+ year business consultant, with an in-depth knowledge of people & culture. He specialises in improving businesses, using people as a strategic lever. Jason has extensive experience in mining, manufacturing and construction. He has worked with Rio Tinto, BHP, Yancoal, Evolution, Western Sydney Airport, Caterpillar, and OneSteel amongst others.

Webinar Details

When: 12.00 - 1.00pm, Thursday, 29 August

Venue: Online

Fee: Free

Format of Webinar: Old vs New Paradigm (40 mins), Questions (20 mins)



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