Thursday, 3 December 2020
Pay-By-Day Mining Software Gives Geologist Competitive Boost

Pay-By-Day Mining Software Gives Geologist Competitive Boost

This was originally published by MICROMINE.
A simple daily subscription that provides access to MICROMINE’s comprehensive range of top-tier mining software tools is opening the door for geologists and exploration companies to make more streamlined decisions and improve cash flow – all on their own terms.

Director of economic geology consultancy GeoInsite, Doug Menzies, explained that since MICROMINE launched its daily subscription option in Australia in August 2019, he has recorded significant flexibility and time management benefits for his business.

“Opting for MICROMINE’s Explorer Bundle subscription, which includes the Micromine Core and Exploration functionality, I’ve been able to access licensed visualisation, drillhole management and analytical tools when as and when I need them,” Mr Menzies said.

“The cash flow-friendly subscription option, which includes small, periodic costs instead of a large lump sum purchase or annual fee, has helped me in tendering and procurement and enabled me to pass on savings to my clients – giving my business a competitive edge.”

Mr Menzies added it was vital, especially during the early exploration stages of a mining project, to have a reliable source of accurate data to guide decision-making.

“MICROMINE’s Explorer Bundle helps us tick this box and gives us the best tools to visualise, interpret, present and communicate project data,” he added.

MICROMINE currently offers four software license bundle subscriptions to Australian-based users. Each bundle varies in terms of tool inclusions and cost so there is something to fit all project requirements.

“What all of the subscriptions have in common is that they give businesses the option to only pay for what they need, for the time they need it,” explained MICROMINE Global Marketing Manager, Kate Gilbey.

Building on the Explorer Bundle used by GeoInsite, the Geology Modeller Bundle includes a comprehensive suite of modelling tools from the Micromine Core, Exploration, Wireframing and Implicit Modelling modules.

“These tools, and the reliable data they produce, have proven invaluable for mining projects when they move from the exploration phase, into the geological modelling phase,” explained Ms Bevilaqua.

MICROMINE also offers a Resource Modeller Bundle which gives geologists access to modelling tools to build, manipulate and estimate resources for any commodity, and a Stratigraphic Modeller Bundle which allows them access to a suite of stratigraphic modelling tools to model and estimate resources through a unique and efficient workflow.

Mr Menzies said one of the key benefits of the buddles is that users don’t lose out on support services. Once the license is activated, users have access to the MICROMINE forum and global licensing support five days a week.

“Our reputation has been built on excellence in customer service and support. We listen to our clients and tailor solutions to meet their wants and needs in the evolving mining and resources industry,” Ms Gilbey said.

“It is this commitment and focus on dynamic, innovative solutions that paved the way for our first to market daily licensing subscriptions in Australia and we are pleased with the feedback we are receiving from our clients like Doug.

“MICROMINE is pleased to be able to support both workflow and cashflow for all operators, and particularly small to medium businesses – working in the mining sector.”

From $250 a day (plus GST), users can get immediate access to the software bundles. Purchased direct from the Micromine website, the daily costs are charged to a credit card and can be based on paying by-the-day or by purchasing up to 30 days at a time.


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