Thursday, 3 December 2020
Sandvik Eclipse™ Fire Suppression Foam Meets New Government Regulations

Sandvik Eclipse™ Fire Suppression Foam Meets New Government Regulations

 Sandvik Eclipse™ is the first firefighting foam in the mobile equipment fire suppression market to receive a CSIRO ActivFire listing, complying with strict new guidelines imposed by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage last month.

As detailed in the Management of Firefighting Foams Policy, all firefighting foams containing PFOS and PFOA shall be replaced as soon as practicable with sustainable alternatives. These products and all PFOA Precursors (flourochemicals which break down to PFOA, i.e. C8) are required to be withdrawn from service at commercial and industrial premises and similar products phased out and replaced.

The practice of releasing fluorinated foam waste to the ground during discharge tests of mobile plant systems is a breach of environmental regulations and foams containing Short Chain Fluorotelomers (C6, or shorter) cannot be released directly into the environment and must be fully contained.

Unlike other fire suppression products on the market, Sandvik Eclipse™ foam is biodegradable, low in toxicity, and is not harmful to aquatic life when disposed of in compliance with national, regional and local regulations.

Free from both PFOS and PFOA, Sandvik Eclipse™ is a fluorine free, advanced flammable liquid firefighting foam that is designed for use on hydrocarbon type fuels, as well as alcohols, polar solvents and water-miscible type fuels, with excellent firefighting performance whilst minimizing environmental impact.

The Eclipse™ foam also features a unique ‘self-healing’ property which enables the foam to retract to its original form if disrupted after extinguishment, providing better post-fire protection ensuring flammable vapours cannot escape to the atmosphere.

Sandvik Eclipse™ is a multi-purpose synthetic firefighting foam designed to deliver rapid-fire extinguishment when used in conjunction with the Sandvik Fire Suppression FS1000 range of fire systems.

The shelf life of Sandvik Eclipse™ foam is expected to be a minimum of ten years when stored in suitable manufacturer’s recommended containers. As good practice, regular scheduled inspections of fire suppression systems and foam concentrates are recommended.

Sandvik Fire Suppression Systems

Sandvik is an industry leader in the development, installation and maintenance of foam fire suppression systems for mobile plant and equipment used in surface and underground mining, construction, forestry, waste management, materials handling and locomotives.

After identifying the need for an environmentally sustainable firefighting product in 2010, Sandvik began developing its Sandvik Eclipse™ foam for mobile equipment in the Mining industry. Trials on the product began in 2012, with the final product launched to the public at QME in 2014. Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia, Sandvik Eclipse™ fire suppression is now available as an optional factory addition across all Sandvik mobile equipment globally.

A crucial component of any safety management system, Sandvik foam fire suppression systems are vital to the safe and cost-efficient operation of modern mining and heavy industry initiatives.

The patented, pre-engineered foam fire suppression system and Sandvik Eclipse™ foam have been evaluated and verified as conforming to the relevant requirements of the Australian Standard AS 5062-2006, as stipulated in the CSIRO ActivFire Certificate of Conformity criteria.

Our ‘loss of pressure’ trigger systems feature our innovative patented control valve design, which reduces equipment down time and improves product reliability by minimizing moving parts. The brass and stainless steel components used in Sandvik FS1000 ensure the best possible corrosion protection.

All Sandvik fire suppression equipment can be easily installed and maintained on site by our team of qualified Sandvik technicians. Our service capabilities include system servicing, pressure testing, fleet risk assessment services and staff training.


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