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Export event Date: 12 Aug 2020, 12:30 PM - 12 Aug 2020, 1:15 PM
Austmine METS Tech Talk: Leading-Edge Innovation – Transforming Drilling and Blasting
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Austmine METS Tech Talk: Leading-Edge Innovation – Transforming Drilling and Blasting

Gain new knowledge of the emerging innovations driving value for drilling and blasting operations.

Getting drilling and blasting operations right is an integral part of any optimised mining operation. Achieving correct and consistent fragmentation improves all downstream processes, allowing for greater efficiencies and operational predictability. Furthermore, safety and environmental factors must be constantly monitored and managed to ensure ongoing social licence.

This edition of the METS Tech Talks will put the spotlight on the latest solutions driving drill and blast performance at operations around the world.

The Tech Talks will explore:

  • Reducing impact in drilling and blasting

  • Logging and leveraging data to improve performance

  • Ensuring safety in the drill and blast process


New Drill and Blast insights from detailed underground drone-based laser scans
Dr. Stefan Hrabar, Co-Founder and CEO, Emesent.

Emesent’s Hovermap drone payload enables the capture of detailed laser scans in inaccessible areas such as stopes and draw points. The unit can also be used as a handheld scanner in accessible drives. It can be used to scan drill holes and accurately measure over / underbreak, 
map geotechnical structures and perform
fragmentation size distribution analysis. In this talk we will show sample scan data and
how this can be used for Drill and Blast related applications.


TruckMetrics technology for boulder detection and fragmentation analysis
Mark Mukhija, General Manager, Motion Metrics

TruckMetrics, our new boulder detection and particle size analysis solution for haul trucks, helps mines minimize unplanned crusher downtime by alerting them to oversized material before it reaches the plant. TruckMetrics also analyzes the particle size distribution of every truck load using artificial intelligence and machine vision. The Drill and Blast Department can use this information to optimize fragmentation results


BMT’s blast-based grade control system and new software release – BMM Explorer v3.6
Ross Hafner, Director, Business Development, Blast Movement Technologies

As a part of the Hexagon group, Blast Movement Technologies (BMT) specialise in consulting, manufacturing and R&D in the field of blast movement and grade control.  BMT, through the use of 3D movement vectors, is the only system that MEASURES the blast-induced displacement of the ore polygon, allowing dig lines to be adjusted to the new location of the ore block and subsequently minimising ore loss, dilution and misclassification.  BMT continues to improve upon its blast movement solution with major updates constantly refining its specialised software, BMM Explorer,  and the continued expansion of its hardware product range. The most recent release BMM Explorer v3.6 offers many more user-friendly options targeting speed and archiving but has also introduced benefits such as a blast wizard, a dedicated iron ore misclassification value summary, as well as a multi-element value calculation for polymetallic mines. 


DigiShot Plus 4G - Basis of Safety
Nico Swart, Technical Specialist, Dyno Nobel Asia Pacific

The use of electronic detonators in blasting have moved from being niche to being the norm. Not all electronic detonators are created equal. Care should be taken to partner with a supplier that has safety at the forefront when designing their systems, especially while personnel are still working on the bench or during the critical time when detonators are programmed to be armed and fired.


The Next Steps in enabling D&B optimisation

John Jackson, Manager Mining Technology, IMDEX

One key area of Imdex’s R&D is improving drilling and blasting in both opencut and underground operations. IMDEX BHS is a multifunctional solution while drilling that improves collar and hole stability, reducing redrills and minimises dust while drilling. IMDEX BlastDOG provides high fidelity blast hole physicals and material delineation enabling the optimisation of geological modelling and blasting outcomes.


About Austmine’s METS Tech Talks

Austmine’s METS Tech Talks are an online showcase of the best new innovations set to transform the mining industry as we know it. They are designed to help mining leaders, operators and researchers stay abreast of key technologies, processes and projects in the market.

During these Tech Talks, Austmine members each have 5-minutes to present their solution, exploring how it will make a difference to the industry and demonstrating value creation through case studies.



Wednesday 12 August, 12.30 – 1.15pm AEST / 10.30 – 11.15am AWST

Use the link above to register.

Contact if you need assistance with registration or if you would like to nominate to speak on a Tech Talk.


Series 2 Tech Talks

29 July: Setting up for Success – Optimising Mine Planning & Design

12 August: Leading-Edge Innovation – Transforming Drilling and Blasting 

26 August: Communications & Connectivity – Enabling Mining’s Digital Transformation

9 September: The Future Fleet – Driving Production and Productivity

24 September: Empowering your Workforce – Training Methods and Technologies

7 October: Modern Materials Handling – Transforming Traditional Operations 

21 October: Advanced Minerals Processing – Overcoming Increasing Complexity

5 November: Ensuring Asset Health – Optimising Maintenance Measures

Contact to register for the entire series. 

Export event Date: 12 Aug 2020, 12:30 PM - 12 Aug 2020, 1:15 PM
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