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Maximising Employee Performance in the METS World Webinar Series: Part 1 - Workforce Planning in a Turbulent Industry
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Maximising Employee Performance in the METS World Webinar Series: Part 1 - Workforce Planning in a Turbulent Industry

Your staff are critical to the success of your business.  Having the right people, in the right jobs, at the right time, and having them operate at peak performance is what we aspire to. However, for small to medium sized METS companies, without dedicated human resource departments, this can be a challenging exercise that poses considerable risk if not done properly.

Over the course of three webinars, Austmine’s Business Advisors will deliver key advice and explore real-world case studies to help small to medium businesses better understand the HR process and adopt strategies suitable for that size business.

Webinar 1 - Workforce Planning in a Turbulent Industry

Workforce Planning is having the right people with the right skills, experiences, and competencies, in the right jobs, at the right time.

As a METS company you operate in an environment that is constantly changing and often unpredictable, sometimes with significant up-swings and down turns.  Efficiently and effectively planning and managing the ‘people’ side of your business is critical to success.  Some do it well and reap the rewards.  Many don’t. 

As a small to medium business, how well are you evaluating the future needs of your business, analysing supply and demand, and developing strategies to minimise gaps in your workforce? 

This webinar will cover:

  • What is workforce planning and why is it important to your business
  • Keys to success – the essential must dos for small to medium businesses
  • Common barriers and how to address them
  • Understanding the three main groups – future employees, those staying, those leaving
  • How to begin
  • Lessons learned


  • Alistair Green – Director & Consultant, focus HR
  • Anthony Holzwart, Business Facilitator - Entrepreneurs' Programme, Austmine

About the Speakers:

Alistair Green – Director & Consultant, focus HR

Alistair started consulting in January 2010 driven by a personal WHY to find a better way. A better way to think, plan, work and grow. He takes this passion to his chosen areas of expertise in Strategic Planning; People; and Organisational Execution. 

Alistair’s consultancy methodology works to remove the burden of onerous business practices, allowing organisations to concentrate on their strengths and provide exceptional service to their customers. He works to replace laborious, inefficient and expensive processes with simple, rigorous and innovative practices that promote growth, profitability and sustainability. 

Anthony Holzwart, Business Facilitator - Entrepreneurs' Programme, Austmine

In his role as a Business Facilitator with the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, Anthony initiates and manages projects that bridge the gap between the procurement needs of a major buyer (miner, prime contractor or large OEM) and the capability and performance of their METS suppliers.  The objective – sustainable, strategic supply relationships that benefit all parties.

Anthony has a strong track record in working with major buyer/project procurement teams, as well as assisting small to medium businesses improve performance and realise their full potential.  He has provided assistance to many hundreds of businesses, predominantly in the mining, oil & gas, civil construction and manufacturing sectors, helping them improve their capability to win and deliver work domestically and offshore.

More Information:
Register for the series using the link at the top of the page. Contact Sheldon.varcoe@austmine.com.au for more details and if you have questions.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme is the Australian Government’s flagship initiative for business competitiveness and productivity. The Programme uses experienced Advisers and Facilitators, drawn from industry, to ensure businesses get the advice and support they need to improve their competitiveness, productivity and to maximize their growth potential. For more information go to www.business.gov.au/EP


Export event Date: 27 Mar 2019, 12:30 PM - 27 Mar 2019, 1:30 PM

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