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METS Tech Talk: People are Paramount – New Solutions to Optimise the Workforce
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METS Tech Talk: People are Paramount – New Solutions to Optimise the Workforce

Austmine’s METS Tech Talks Webinar Series will put the spotlight on the latest innovations and game-changing solutions set to transform the mining industry as we know it.

Our second session will focus on ‘People are Paramount – New Solutions to Optimise the Workforce.’

People management is often overlooked in an increasingly digitised world, but it is absolutely essential to business success. This webinar will explore the new technologies and emerging procedures for having your people working to plan and pulling in the same direction.

Rostering Through a Crisis  
James Huemmer, Principal, Shiftwork Solutions 

Challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus have exposed limitations in many shiftwork rosters to reduce exposure between shift teams, provide additional resources when staff can’t work, maintain work continuity and provide flexibility for transitioning. There are options to address these deficits and be better prepared for extended circumstances.

TCard - Task Management for 24x7 Industrial Operations  
Bill McKeague, Product Manager, Mipac

There are many 100's of task management software offerings - yet none meet the unique needs 24x7 continuous shifts operations. TCard is an Operational Task Management application created as a collaboration with the Glencore Mount Isa Copper Concentrator. Unexpectedly, TCard has subtly led to the gamification of task completion in the current shift.

Keeping it Together
George McCullough, Director - Strategy, Interlate

Right now, and for the foreseeable future, businesses are grappling with the challenge of keeping people safe and employed while complying with the authorities’ mandate to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and all at the same time trying to prevent lasting damage to their operations. Even with the need for remote working met, how do companies ensure that work is effective, productive and innovative? If we can’t keep people physically together, how do we keep people “digitally together”?

Workflow Planning for the Modern Mine Site
Phil Purdy, Product & Solutions Architecht

Insitu Pacific turns data into meaningful business intelligence to drive quantifiable efficiencies. Our single pass, multi-source sensor technologies reduce flight time and costs, while providing more actionable information for open-pit operations. Our INEXA Solutions products offer valuable insights through change detection leveraging machine learning, multiple-use datasets and integrated reporting – with data delivered in a fraction of the time usually required via more traditional survey methods. With extensive Beyond Visual Line of Sight experience, our military-derived, industrial grade technology offers cutting-edge solutions for commercial customers, leading to significant safety and efficiency gains, and workflow planning for the modern mine site. For more information: contactus@insitupacific.com


Use the link above to register for this webinar.

Contact membership@austmine.com.au if you need assistance with registration or to get involved with the series.

METS Tech Talk Series:

During this unprecedented time, it is critical to ensure that your clients, partners and prospects know you are active, operating and innovating. While this short-term disruption will impact our industry greatly, there is a range of long-term challenges that mining faces to ensure prosperity and sustainability.

Fortunately, Australian METS companies are rising to the challenge with cutting-edge technologies and game-changing solutions to tackle the most pressing industry issues. Our new Austmine Tech Talks webinar series will be an online showcase of the best new innovations set to transform the mining industry as we know it.

Austmine Members will have 5-minutes to present, letting fellow METS members and mining peers know about their latest innovation and how it will make a difference to the industry.

Tech Talks Schedule:

8th April: What Lies Beneath – The Latest in Exploration

15th April: People are Paramount – New Solutions to Optimise the Workforce

22nd April: Operating with a Crystal Ball – Predicting Future Failures

29th April: A Strong Global Citizen – Minimising Mining’s Footprint

6th May: Honing in on Zero Harm – What’s Next in Safety Technologies? 

13th May: Cleaning up our Act – Emerging Innovations in Water & Waste Management

20th May: Advanced Mining Manufacturing – Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

27th May: Man and Machine - Leveraging Data for Business Value

3rd June: Leaving a Lasting Legacy – Sharing Benefits with Stakeholders

Contact membership@austmine.com.au to register for the entire series. 

Export event Date: 15 Apr 2020, 12:30 PM - 15 Apr 2020, 1:15 PM

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