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Mining’s Next Horizon Webinar Series: Part 3 – Transforming Culture to Foster Innovation
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Mining’s Next Horizon Webinar Series: Part 3 – Transforming Culture to Foster Innovation

The mining industry is ushering in a new way of operating, transformed by disruptive innovations, advanced digital technologies and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This webinar series examines the rapid changes occurring in our industry and creates a vision of the future of mining.

Technology only makes up part of innovation. People are paramount.

One of the major bottlenecks to effective implementation of innovation is the culture of an organisation. As humans, we are naturally resistant to change, and new technologies are often met with hesitation, among fears of job losses or time taken for implementation.

Leading global organisations foster cultures that are fluid and adaptive, with the shared belief that adopting and creating innovation is everyone’s responsibility. But how do we manifest this culture in our organisations?

This webinar will seek to answer this question and take key learnings from other industries or organisations that embody best practice in this space.

This webinar will explore:

  • What it means to have an innovative organisational culture;
  • The role of leadership in fostering a culture conducive to change;
  • Effective implementation of new technologies;
  • The changing culture of mining organisations;
  • Theory put into practice - examples of transforming culture. 

Expert Speakers:

  • Pieter Lottering, Integrated Operations Specialist, Global iO
  • Danielle Dendle, Specialist Project Control for Major Shutdowns, BHP
  • Alex Urquhart, Engineer & Engagement Manager, REDEYE Apps

About the Speakers:

Pieter Lottering, Integrated Operations Specialist, Global iO

Pieter is one of the founding Partners of Global io. He started his career over 15 years ago as an exploration geologist, followed by various technical and operational leadership roles across the whole mining value chain. With relentless focus on empowering people, combined with detailed process thinking and fit for purpose technology, Pieter is committed to achieving effective business transformation by optimising supply chains through Integrated Operations.

Innovation means different things to different organisations with many not clear on the difference between improvement and innovation. This then leads to confusion on how resources should be allocated to work on new innovative solutions, and incentives to get there get completely misaligned in the process. With limited clarity and alignment it becomes hard to foster an environment that sustainably motivates employees to deliver innovative solutions. Worst of all when it is time for budget cuts and cost reduction, resources that work on new innovative ideas and future value are often the first to be removed from the organisation. This is probably the biggest threat to true innovation in mining companies and their service providers.

The only way to become sustainably competitive in innovation is by fostering a culture that thrives on new thinking, and manages to overcome its internal risk aversion to consistently fail towards novel solutions to existing industry problems. Yet culture is very hard to define, and without a proper language set to describe it, it is often impossible to work towards a target state culture. In this webinar we will discuss a useful framework that can help us define and design company cultures that value a sustained approach to innovation. We will also discuss the differences in application for mining companies vs OEM / services companies and explore what is required to future proof it as much as possible.


Danielle Dendle, Specialist Project Control for Major Shutdowns, BHP

Dannielle has an extensive career in managing projects within the mining sector including the first ever establishment project of RedEye Technology at BMA Peak Downs in 2012. Since then, Dannielle has completed a stint in New Zealand at Queenstown Airport & Aurora Energy in their Major projects divisions, but has now come home to continue her career as a Specialist in Project Control for BHP. Dannielle is an advocate for change in the mining industry and understands the change management process is not always straight forward when implementing new Innovation

Alex Urquhart, Engineer and Engagement Manager, REDEYE Apps

Alex is a Civil and Geotechnical Engineer who has been involved in new mining Australian mining projects such as the Adani Carmichael Mine. However, recently Alex has moved into the innovation sector at RedEye and is now helping RedEye spread new innovative ideas in the mining industry.

During this webinar, Alex and Dannielle will discuss BMA’s RedEye journey from 2012 to now, how it has affected their change in culture and what are some practical lessons learnt from the project.  

For further discussion on Mining’s Next Horizon visit the website for the Austmine 2019 Conference & Exhibition, 21 – 23 May 2019, Brisbane.

Register for other webinars in this series:

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To easily register for all 6 webinars in the series, contact Sheldon.varcoe@austmine.com.au

Export event Date: 21 Feb 2019, 12:30 PM - 21 Feb 2019, 1:30 PM

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