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Export event Date: 6 May 2020, 4:00 PM - 6 May 2020, 4:45 PM
METS Tech Talk: Honing in on Zero Harm – What’s Next in Safety Technologies?
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METS Tech Talk: Honing in on Zero Harm – What’s Next in Safety Technologies?

Austmine’s METS Tech Talks Webinar Series will put the spotlight on the latest innovations and game-changing solutions set to transform the mining industry as we know it.

Our fifth session will focus on ‘Honing in on Zero Harm – What’s Next in Safety Technologies?’

Mining is a tough industry, characterised by harsh terrain, remote locations and difficult working environments. Unsurprisingly, an industry that operates at 3.84km below the ground, or almost 5km above surface level, presents unique risks for the workforce. This means that mining is one of the most hazardous industries in the world. While technology continues to progress rapidly, sending employees home safely each day remains a major challenge for the industry.

This webinar will highlight the emerging solutions targeting increased safety for mining companies and their workforce. Innovations explored will include the use of sensors, data analysis and predictions and improved safety procedures.


An AI platform that makes unseen safety risks more visible 

Darren Phillips, General Manager, Fusable

Fusable has developed a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) platform  that turns the traditional views of safety data and risk identification on its head within the mining industry. Using natural language processing and machine learning, Fusable enables organisations to identify previously unseen safety risks and uncover never before seen safety insights.

Early Fire Detection on Mine Conveyors Using Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) 

Ubaldo Torre, Director, Advanced Photonics Australia

Fire detection on and around mining conveyors has been difficult to achieve using conventional point heat detectors and aspirating CO gas detectors. 

Consider proven DTS technology using a linear heat detector on a single core of a new or existing fibre optic cable, to achieve total fire detection on your underground or surface conveyor systems.

Determining performance indicators for safety at your mine: How to best evaluate safety performance dimensions  

Marcos Bayuelo, MineProtect Portfolio Manager, Hexagon Mining

The mining industry is shifting focus into safety now that productivity is being optimized. Solution providers have worked in multiple layers of safety solutions at the mines. Now the question arises, how do we define the various dimensions of safety performance and what should the currencies of evaluation be that are embodied in the PI system? Is there sufficient technology to measure the defined PIs? How can we measure good performance and who will determine success? Technology adoption and industry knowledge can provide the correct answers to determine a virtuous set of PIs that evolve with experience. 


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METS Tech Talk Series:

During this unprecedented time, it is critical to ensure that your clients, partners and prospects know you are active, operating and innovating. While this short-term disruption will impact our industry greatly, there is a range of long-term challenges that mining faces to ensure prosperity and sustainability.

Fortunately, Australian METS companies are rising to the challenge with cutting-edge technologies and game-changing solutions to tackle the most pressing industry issues. Our new Austmine Tech Talks webinar series will be an online showcase of the best new innovations set to transform the mining industry as we know it.

 Austmine Members will have 5-minutes to present, letting fellow METS members and mining peers know about their latest innovation and how it will make a difference to the industry.

Tech Talks Schedule:

8th April: What Lies Beneath – The Latest in Exploration

15th April: People are Paramount – New Solutions to Optimise the Workforce

22nd April: Operating with a Crystal Ball – Predicting Future Failures

29th April: A Strong Global Citizen – Minimising Mining’s Footprint

6th May: Honing in on Zero Harm – What’s Next in Safety Technologies? 

13th May: Cleaning up our Act – Emerging Innovations in Water & Waste Management

20th May: Advanced Mining Manufacturing – Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

27th May: Man and Machine - Leveraging Data for Business Value

3rd June: Leaving a Lasting Legacy – Sharing Benefits with Stakeholders

Contact to register for the entire series. 

Export event Date: 6 May 2020, 4:00 PM - 6 May 2020, 4:45 PM
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