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METS Tech Talk: A Strong Global Citizen – Minimising Mining’s Footprint
Austmine Limited
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METS Tech Talk: A Strong Global Citizen – Minimising Mining’s Footprint

Austmine’s METS Tech Talks Webinar Series will put the spotlight on the latest innovations and game-changing solutions set to transform the mining industry as we know it.

Our fourth session will be focused on ‘A Strong Global Citizen – Minimising Mining’s Footprint.’

The importance of a strong mining industry to the global community is evident but we face unprecedented disruption from global instability, community expectations and environmental advocates. In order to remain sustainable into the future, the mining industry must reduce its footprint and regain trust from major stakeholders.

This webinar will explore the key technologies and processes for minimising the impact of mining on surrounding communities. Innovative METS companies will present new solutions in spaces such as electrification, low-impact drilling and extraction and pollution reduction.


Driving the rEVolution into the METS Sector   
Justin Bain, CEO, 3ME Technology

Electrification of mining vehicles is set to play a critical part in minimising mining’s footprint as well as addressing other challenges.  Justin will explain how 3ME Technology’s battery and drive system innovations are accelerating the transition towards electric mining in both hard-rock and hazardous area applications.

The Safest Way to Reduce Stripping Ratio   
Steve Durkin, Managing Director, Safescape

Safescape develops products that improve safety and health outcomes in the mining industry while at the same time increasing efficiency, reducing waste and improving overall economics of the mines we supply. Safescape's Edge Protector product reduces the space taken up by a rock bund on in-pit ramps.

Minimising Mining's Footprint - Get it right the first time!   
Colin McVie, Manager Define (Corporate Consulting), Mining Plus

Over many years Mining Plus has adopted the attitude of “get it right the first time”. This attitude has been realized by seeing project value eroded by decisions being made due to cost alone. With Mining Plus' focus on looking at the bigger picture and being a partner, Colin will discuss how Mining Plus can assist in your project development and make the process clearer, and consider all aspects including energy use, technology application, and overall mining's footprint.

Shaping the Sustainable Mine of the Future

Craig Bradley, Senior Manager, Business Transformation, Dassault Systemes

The future of mining is to become more sustainable. This will require:

  • New ways of thinking and doing require collaboration across disciplines and a business model based on a single source of knowledge that allows knowledge to be captured, contextualised and capitalised for every stakeholder. With this, mining companies and their partners can drive significant change faster; delivering better more consistent predictable decisions and outcomes. In this approach, a master model, constructed from single source of truth, connects to all documents and data across the project lifecycle, eliminating silos, and increasing opportunity for value creation.
  • New ways to deliver simulation, analytics as core essential elements into every mining process and value chain supporting evolution to sustainability level 1, 2 and 3.

Proactive Dust Risk Management

Dush Wimal, General Manager, Weather Intelligence

At Weather Intelligence we provide predictive tools to manage weather-related risks. We will be discussing how our state of the art Dust Risk forecasting tool can help mining operations manage their dust risk better. DustX predicts the risk of Dust for your site 7 days ahead. Giving you ample time to navigate the Dust Risk without compromising production. We are also developing an industry-leading dust management tool and in the lookout for an industry, partner to come on board as an early adopter. This Dust Management tool has the potential to revolutionise how you manage your dust and how you prepare for your audits. 


Use the link above to register for this webinar.

Contact membership@austmine.com.au if you need assistance with registration or to get involved with the series.

METS Tech Talk Series:

During this unprecedented time, it is critical to ensure that your clients, partners and prospects know you are active, operating and innovating. While this short-term disruption will impact our industry greatly, there is a range of long-term challenges that mining faces to ensure prosperity and sustainability.

Fortunately, Australian METS companies are rising to the challenge with cutting-edge technologies and game-changing solutions to tackle the most pressing industry issues. Our new Austmine Tech Talks webinar series will be an online showcase of the best new innovations set to transform the mining industry as we know it.

 Austmine Members will have 5-minutes to present, letting fellow METS members and mining peers know about their latest innovation and how it will make a difference to the industry.

Tech Talks Schedule:

8th April: What Lies Beneath – The Latest in Exploration

15th April: People are Paramount – New Solutions to Optimise the Workforce

22nd April: Operating with a Crystal Ball – Predicting Future Failures

29th April: A Strong Global Citizen – Minimising Mining’s Footprint

6th May: Honing in on Zero Harm – What’s Next in Safety Technologies? 

13th May: Cleaning up our Act – Emerging Innovations in Water & Waste Management

20th May: Advanced Mining Manufacturing – Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

27th May: Man and Machine - Leveraging Data for Business Value

3rd June: Leaving a Lasting Legacy – Sharing Benefits with Stakeholders

Contact membership@austmine.com.au to register for the entire series. 

Export event Date: 29 Apr 2020, 12:30 PM - 29 Apr 2020, 1:15 PM
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