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METS Career Pathway Program

Austmine Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway Program

Austmine is delighted to announce our latest initiative, the Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway Program. Supported by funding from METS Ignited, this program aims at raising awareness of METS and the career opportunities provided by our sector, across women studying STEM subjects at universities.

Kicking off in July 2017, this will be a two year program, each year welcoming a new group of students and METS companies to participate. Each year, the program will include:

  • Industry information evenings, where women from the METS industry will be invited to speak before the students on their experiences of working in the sector.
  • An application and interview process for students who wish to apply for the internship opportunities available in the participating METS companies.
  • A series of webinars featuring industry speakers to provide coaching for the successful students on starting a career in the METS sector.
  • A 10 week paid internship placement at a participating METS company, from December – February.
  • A survey of all students and companies involved in the program, resulting in case studies and a report produced on the impact of the program.

This is a unique program, truly linking education with industry, with the aim of fostering longer term partnerships between the two.

METS Companies: Why Participate?

  1. Access the next generation of highly skilled STEM workers and build a pipeline of future employees.
  2. Diversify your workplace with second, third and fourth year female STEM interns.
  3. Support and influence your sector’s future by educating young engineers, scientist, mathematicians and technologists on career options in the METS sector.
  4. Strengthen your connections with universities for both research and educational opportunities.
  5. Diversify your company’s thinking with new perspectives and support your employees with help with projects or tasks.
  6. Gain brand advocates to promote your business and culture.

Students: Why Participate?

  1. Secure hands-on industry experience through a 10 week placement at a METS company.
  2. Gain insight into an exciting, dynamic sector that is technologically driven, innovative and offers numerous opportunities for growth, development and national and international travel.
  3. Learn from senior executives, male and female, who’ve been working in the METS sector for years, on the challenges and opportunities they’ve faced through their careers.
  4. Be a part of an online network of women studying STEM subjects who are considering the METS sector for their future.
  5. Make industry connections before even starting full-time work, to help support you through the early years of your career.

METS companies: click here to submit your interest in offering a paid internship opportunity.

Students: click here to submit your interest in participating in this program.
(Please note – only students attending authorised participating universities are eligible to apply for this program)

Participating Universities include:


Participating Employers include:



Supported By



Interested in hosting a student? Download the information flyer now.

Student Information Sessions

University of Newcastle - 9 August 2017 from 12.00pm
Monash University - 16 August 2017 from 12.00pm
University of WA & Curtin - 24 August 2017 from  2.00pm
UNSW - 24 August 2017 from 5.30pm
QUT - 7 September 2015 from 4.00pm
Wollongong University - TBC
Federation University - TBC

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