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International Mining Missions

Austmine's missions take Australian METS companies to prospective overseas mining markets for a week of site visits, meetings, networking events and briefings with leading mining companies, local suppliers, associations and government bodies.

Our missions are designed to give participants a deep understanding of the local mining market, procurement practices and project opportunities and aim to assist Australian METS in positioning their business as a potential supplier to mining operations around the globe. Austmine puts together a program to ensure the right meetings take place and that your company is introduced to a range of decision makers who are interested in potentially buying your products and services, ranging from senior level executives to technical personnel on site. Austmine often partners with Austrade, state governments and local associations in organising missions. 

Why participate in an Austmine mission?

Exclusive site visits to build knowledge and gain insights from technical personnel on mining projects around the world 
Present your capabilities to senior management and executives of local and multi-national mining companies
Gather information from local experts on mining operations, market conditions and export strategies
An unparalleled opportunity to build numerous connections in key markets through networking events
Form relationships and build partnerships with fellow mission attendees, local METS, government agencies and relevant associations


Vayeron scales up to enter new markets

Vayeron scales up to enter new markets

Originally published by METS Ignited, January 2019

Vayeron is an Australian OEM technology company focused on providing intelligent solutions to productivity challenges in the mining sector.

Vayeron’s Smart-Idler™ IoT solution provides vibration analysis and condition monitoring to automatically monitor and report deteriorating ‘health’ of conveyor rollers. 

Solving an industry problem 

Smart-Idler™ accurately monitors the health of conveyor rollers, predicting their failure, and providing advanced warning so pre-emptive action can be taken to replace failing rollers during scheduled maintenance timeframes. 

The innovative technology reduces safety hazards (including coal fires) associated with conveyor stoppage and addresses the major impact conveyor system downtime has on mining operations. 

Regional acceleration 

In 2017, Vayeron won a pitching competition in Mackay as part of the regional pre-accelerator program METS Ignited and the Queensland Government hosted to seed entries into the Brisbane-based Ignited METS Accelerator Program. 

The Igniting METS Accelerator Program was an Australiafirst, join initiative of METS Ignited and the Queensland Government, to accelerate the commercialisation of SME innovation into new markets.

Vayeron was one of five regional participants, in the cohort of eight, who took part in the 12 week program providing access to deep-dive workshops, mentoring and support from industry leaders, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts delivered by the team behind KPGM Energise.

CEO and Founder Ryan Norris, attributes the company’s renewed ambition and confidence to the Accelerator’s curriculum, saying “there is a clear cut advantage when you look at companies who have been through accelerators”.

Vayeron’s transformation 

The company went into the accelerator looking to bring down lead times, learn to navigate the procurement process and to improve the company’s branding. 

“The accelerator addressed everything from our branding right through to procurement, and engaging with our prospective customers, and we definitely believe that as a result we’ve got better at branding and messaging, and have since been able to bring down those deal lead times.” 

“I’ve definitely gotten better at telling our story and communicating our value proposition,” said Ryan. 

Collaboration has been a key takeaway from the program for Vayeron, helping them to accelerate penetration into new markets, and work around some of the issues growing businesses encounter when bringing products to market. 

“We have rethought our strategy around our channel partners and how we can leverage channel partnerships to really get penetration into new markets.” 

Vayeron has made some considerable changes to their business processes and had some significant successes since the completion of the program, including implementing new programs in line with industry standards, new hires and market expansion with the mining and resources sector. 

“Since the accelerator we have won some pilots and proof of concept trials of our Smart-Idler™ technology in iron ore and coal, and ranging from WA to New South Wales and Queensland but not only that we have also won some projects in Canada and Chile”. 

Ryan recommends scale-up accelerator programs to regional companies who are looking to expand into new markets, boost their capabilities, and make significant industry connections. 

“My message to regional companies would be to make the most of any advantage like this, because as a regional company you are almost in a silo or a bubble.”

“There are important companies who are in major cities, so if you can get into an accelerator like Igniting METS and come down to Brisbane or wherever it’s going to be hosted on a regular basis, you can tie in your important meeting all the while using what you learn in the accelerator,” said Ryan. 

METS accelerator expansion in 2019 

The RISE scale-up Accelerator builds on the success of the Igniting METS accelerator pilot, delivered by METS Ignited and the Queensland Government, with an expanded sector focus and national footprint through collaboration with NERA and the Western Australian Government. 

In 2019, RISE will provide mining and energy resources innovators direct access to financial, marketing, commercial and technical advice to assist in commercialising their products and services and start the scaling up process to meet larger markets’ demand.


We encourage Australian METS to participate in an International Mining Mission if they are: 

  • Seeking to break into a key export market 
  • Looking to grow their business in a foreign country further 
  • Undertaking initial market reconnaissance and want to learn about the local mining sector
  • Experienced exporters who are aiming to build new connections and expand their presence
  • Successful Australian businesses who have a local office and would like to send their in-market representative

Missions are generally comprised of a maximum of 12 attendees and have a busy agenda that runs from early on Monday to late Friday afternoon. Registration fees for Austmine members usually range between $2,500 - $4,000 + GST and cover costs of venue hire, catering for networking functions, ground transportation, Austrade and local partner fees and other direct expenses. The mission fee does not include international or domestic flights, accommodation and meals, travel insurance or VISA fees, if required. 

Missions Terms and Conditions

Looking to Expand Globally? 

Austmine members can access special deals with our Industry Partners who have joined us to support the global growth of the METS sector. 

Qatar Airways is offering Austmine members a special discount valid for travel to some of their top destinations worldwide, including London, Doha, Moscow, Paris, plus many more. Simply use the special code AUSTMINE to enjoy up to 12% off* your next Qatar Airways flight.

OFX is Austmine's global foreign exchange partner and is offering competitive money transfers and exchange rates for our members to support international business growth and trade. They also provide a range of consultancy and information services for managing currency abroad, and their team is here to assist in expanding your horizons. Find more details here.



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What our attendees say

The Austmine Chilean Mission, that FloLevel Technologies joined in 2016, created major opportunities for our specialized process instrumentation to the worlds largest Copper producers. Typically the time to achieve this acceptance, from the clients, could be in years of developing relationships, but the Austmine mission was highly respected by the Chilean Mining Companies and therefore, relationship development between supplier and customer was expedited much faster.

Rob Stirling, Managing Director, FloLevel Technologies


I enjoyed the 2016 Russian mission. I learnt a great deal from the other participants attending, this was invaluable. When the mission wrapped up I was happy about the outcome in that I received very good interest but was left with the impression that the Russian market would be difficult to penetrate. However, in the 10 months following my visit, my company has done very well in selling software and products into the region. More than I could have imagined.  

David Way, Chief Executive Officer, JKTech



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