Friday, 3 July 2020
2025 Vision
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2025 Vision

At Austmine we have been discussing what our future holds and developing our vision for 2025.

Looking into the future, we need to be bold. While we are leading now, others are following close behind and we need to secure our competitive positioning. This will take leadership, alignment across key stakeholders and the proliferation of our technology, knowledge and skills into other industries and new emerging fields.

We must ensure that Australia is the true global mining innovation hub, recognised as such by companies, governments and countries. We must leverage this position to lead the global mining innovation  conversation to re-think how we do things, challenge the norm, solve key issues, attract investment in new areas and create exciting jobs and opportunities.

Austmine’s global network will be better connected to create a strong global community, driven by technology and a sense of purpose. In this, we will expand our reach and represent the entire mining value chain and related energy technologies.

Leveraging our leadership position, we will ensure that METS is recognised for its technology, expertise and smart solutions far beyond mining. We will focus on opening up opportunities in other industries, ensuring that we are not just leaders in mining innovation, but leaders in innovation globally.

Sustainability will be our focus and we will be fostering those technologies, innovations and applications that reduce our footprint, benefit the environment and ensure robust and healthy communities, to create shared value for all.

While we certainly have accomplished a lot in our last 30 years, the exciting news is the best is yet to come for the METS sector. With what we have built together and the foundations we have established, there is no doubt we are the cusp of something even bigger.

Bring on the next 30 years!

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