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Accenture Report: Mined Over Matter
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Accenture Report: Mined Over Matter

This was originally published by Accenture.


In Brief

  • Autonomous operations in mining have the potential to significantly improve efficiency and productivity, while increasing safety and sustainability.
  • The key to taking autonomy to the next level will be increasing the use of intelligence—such as AI, machine learning, analytics and more—in systems.
  • Several factors will be instrumental for success as mining companies explore increased autonomy.

The mining industry has shown a growing interest in automation

As self-driving vehicles continue to mature, and the Internet of Things (IoT) and wireless connectivity become more widespread, the mining industry has shown a growing interest in automating haul trucks and other mobile equipment. Today, a number of companies have fleets of autonomous trucks, trains and loaders at mine sites, or are piloting the use of these vehicles.

These efforts are a great leap forward from traditional practices, but they are just scratching the surface of how autonomous systems can be used in mining. With constantly advancing technology—and especially the increase in the intelligence of systems—autonomous operations have the potential to significantly increase efficiency and productivity.

To reap those far-reaching benefits, miners should look beyond automated vehicles and bring autonomy to a range of mining activities, thinking of autonomy as an embedded, fundamental capability. Doing so will make mining more productive, safe and sustainable—and, ultimately, more competitive.

More importantly, they will provide miners with an opportunity to meet growing demands for environmental and social goals, including increased safety and sustainability.

"The World Economic Forum projects that automation and robotics could prevent 10,000 injuries in the mining and metals industries in the decade to 2025."

The World Economic Forum has projected that automation and new technologies will significantly reduce injuries in the decade ending in 2025. This, in a period where autonomous operations have just been gaining a foothold:


For more of Accenture's findings, please visit their website here.



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