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Austmine Board of Directors
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Austmine Board of Directors

Austmine has a Board of 10 Directors who oversee the running of our organisation and help guide and shape our strategy.

Our Board is comprised of people from our member companies. To be eligible to stand for election your company must be:

1.       A full corporate member;

2.       Financial at the time of the election.

Board terms are 2 years with fifty percent of the Board being elected every year.

There are 6 Board meetings each year. This consists of 1 teleconference and 5 face-to-face meetings. The meetings are held in different locations around the country, and are usually scheduled for 4 hours. They often coincide with an Austmine event or another activity, including a Board dinner.

Directors are expected to attend at least 75% of the meetings and while teleconferencing facilities are available for most meetings, attendance in person is strongly encouraged.

Board meetings are scheduled during the third week of the month and in the following months:

  • January (telcon)
  • March – including a 1 day strategy meeting
  • May
  • July
  • September
  • October/November

Along with the Board meetings, each Director is expected to join a Board committee. These committees meet 3-4 times/year via teleconference and are tasked to look at governance and strategic issues.

Current committees are:

  • Strategy
  • Audit & Risk
  • Membership
  • Austmine 2021

Along with the Board and related meetings, Directors are also encouraged to attend Austmine events, conferences and other activities in order to meet members, raise your profile and learn more about what we do. Sometimes Directors will be asked to play a more formal role in our events such as hosting, or they might be asked to represent Austmine at an event or a meeting in their particular city. 

Austmine seeks experienced, senior executives who are passionate about the METS sector and have expertise in a range of areas. Being a good strategic thinker is imperative, as well as a strong interest in helping Austmine and our members to succeed.  We encourage diversity on our Board, and like to have a good geographic spread so we are well represented nationally.

Our Directors’ positions are all volunteer, but expenses to attend Board meetings are reimbursed in accordance with our Director’s reimbursement policy.

Being on the Austmine Board will provide you with an opportunity to expand your network, learn new skills, raise your profile, work with an exceptional team of people, and, of course, have some fun. Importantly, you will also be helping to ensure a sustainable and competitive future for our great Australian METS sector.

Board terms are 2 years with fifty percent of the Board being elected every year.

Along with the 10 elected Directors, there are 4 Alternate Director positions which are appointed following the AGM. Alternate Directors act in place of a Director when he/she is absent, and are invited to all Board meetings to contribute to discussion. Being an Alternate Director is a good way to gain experience on the Board, and is used as a stepping stone into a full Director’s position.

A list of our current Directors can be found here.

Please contact Chris Gibbs Stewart for more information and to express interest in joining Austmine's Board.

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