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Austmine Linkedin Group Discussion: What does 2015 hold for the METS sector?
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Austmine Linkedin Group Discussion: What does 2015 hold for the METS sector?

By Megan Edwards, Membership and Communications Manager, Austmine

At the end of 2014 I posed a question to our community Linkedin group (join now if you’re not already a member!) about what they felt the year ahead looked like for the METS sector and, most importantly, what we needed to see change in 2015 in order to be stronger as an industry. Here you can see a summary of my question and some of the replies:

“2014 was a tough year for many in the METS sector - will 2015 be any better? What needs to change to improve the situation (meaning within the METS and mining sectors, not just increased resource prices!)? I'd suggest collaboration as my key focus; collaboration between miners, METS, research and government. Without companies working closer together and sharing different expertise, I don't believe much innovation or productivity improvement will occur. Rio Tinto would obviously be the best example of collaboration resulting in fantastic improvements or technological developments (e.g. the automated drill pattern and execution with Atlas Copco, or the Processing Excellence Centre with numerous partners). What do you think should be the big focus for change?”

Charles Berman, Partner at F B Rice, Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, Australia

“A greater focus on protecting the valuable intellectual property of participants in the METS sector to maintain their competitive advantage.”

Jim Butler, CEO at Minemax

“Many of the participants at the recent AusIMM Orebody Modelling and Strategic Mine Planning symposium would agree with Megan on collaboration between miners, METS vendors and R&D institutions. This was voiced at the forum on the last day.”

Mark Osborne, Business Adviser - Resources at Dept. of Industry - Business

“I would hope for a more engaged resources sector in opening doors into projects and understanding what the METS sector has to offer in terms of innovation and providing step changes in productivity and efficiency. Often, there is no way in or a way to break down the "not me 1st" paradigm.”

Don Collins, Principal - Business Advisory - Crowe Horwath Brisbane

“I echo Megan's comments on collaboration and funding. This is not a new issue but an ongoing challenge. With the changes to the government funding model for research centres and the introduction of the new Entrepreneurs Infrastructure Programme it is vitally important that METs continue to receive support to innovate and deliver commercial projects to the mining industry. Given the cost and efficiency pressures in the market continue funding and collaboration is required. This should not always be left to private funding to deliver the answers.”

Ron Geurts, Customer & Business Support at IXL Metal Castings

“Most METS vendors seek to become more than just suppliers. We often see the improvement opportunities available to end-users when we become true partners. There is still much value to be gained in collaboration.”

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