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Austrade Opportunity: Gujarat State (India) Geology & Mining Department - Consultancy & Training for Geologists
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Austrade Opportunity: Gujarat State (India) Geology & Mining Department - Consultancy & Training for Geologists

The following Opportunity for Consultancy & Training of Geologists from the Gujarat State Geology & Mining Department has been received from the Austrade Hyderabad office.

Gujarat state has about 34 minerals of energy, metallic and industrial minerals namely Lignite, Bauxite, Limestone, Manganese, Silica Sand, Base Metals, Marble, Clay, Agate, Marl, Chalk, Fluorite, Diatomite, Bentonite, Granite etc.

The Commissioner of Geology & Mining (CGM) department is keen to build capacity in advanced exploration technologies and analytical chemistry laboratory, in view of the ambitious plans for expanding the mineral database of the State. Hence the CGM is interested in a training program for their senior geologists, which should be a field and classroom combination. They are seeking proposals from capable organisations to achieve the following objectives:

  • To establish an institutional mechanism for advanced methodology of analysing & archiving geological information from exploration cores
  • To enable large scale exploration activities and setting up a core library and mineral repository in the State.
  • Advanced methodologies associated with drill core preservation, exploratory drilling procedures, equipment especially for minor/ industrial minerals
  • Management of core library & database management tools for mineral analysis
  • Geological & geo-technical logging as per JORC, UNFC and CRIRSCO standards
  • Petrographic analysis including thin section preparation

Training staff profile: Four or five Senior Geologists, with prior experience in mineral exploration (core drilling & sampling techniques) and mineral administration related activities.

 Program duration: Two to Three weeks, combination of field and classroom

Timing: September 2018

Costs: Fully paid by the CGM. Require a draft proposal covering program fees, accommodation, local logistics (if any), living expenses, any others

Please see note below for detailed description of the training requirements.

The end user(s) of the product/service will be:  Gujarat State Geology & Mining Department


Some background on the customer seeking the product/service is below:

The Commissionerate of Geology & Mining (CGM), under the Industries & Mines Department (Government of Gujarat), is headed by the Commissioner & has a core team of Geologists & Chemists. CGM is supported on technical front by the Gujarat Mineral Research & Development Society (GMRDS) and Petrography & Mineral Chemistry (PMC) Laboratory to undertake R & D in the field of mineral analysis & testing of ores, rocks & mineral samples.


The main functions of CGM are:

  • Exploration of mineral wealth of the State
  • Mineral administration, conservation & preservation
  • Increase State’s mineral revenue through sustainable production of minerals
  • Encourage value addition of minerals usage through mineral based industries promotion & prevention of illegal mining

CGM has formulated the minor minerals policies for Granite, China Clay, Bentonite & Black Trap which are in the finalization stage. The policies have emphasized on promoting  respective mineral sectors in the State along with the need for exploration in order to identify mineral blocks for auction.

Gujarat's mineral profile includes 34 minerals with total resource of over 30 billion tonnes. Gujarat is the only State to have known Perlite resources in India.

Gujarat accounts for country's 66% Fluorite, 28% Diatomite, 24% Bentonite and 18% Granite resources & also has Lignite, Bauxite, Limestone, Manganese, Silica Sand, Base Metals, Marble, Clay, Agate, Marl, Chalk etc. Gujarat ranks 4th in value of mineral production (except offshore minerals), 2nd in value of minor minerals with a contribution of 20.24%, 3rd in terms of number of reporting mines.

CGM had visited key mines and research institutions in Australia along with the Ministry of Mines delegation (Govt. of India). CGM is keen to build capacity for advanced methodology of archiving geological information from exploration cores for analysis. Hence CGM is seeking technical training of staff for effective implementation, through Australian industry collaboration.


To be successful with this opportunity, please note the following factors:

  • Exposure to Australian capabilities in Geological exploration, during Commissioner's visit to Australia, along with the Ministry of Mines (Government of India) delegation last year
  • Australia benchmarked as the "best in class" for mineral exploration and database management
  • Australian Mineral Atlas, managed by Geoscience Australia (GA) & State Resources
  • PwC (Mining & Minerals) India team is an Advisor and an influencer, who work closely with Austrade and interacted with Australian delegations (Australia Minerals, GA etc.)
  • Interaction with Australian universities, R & D institutions, METS companies
  • CGM's ambitious plans for expanding the mineral database and establishment of a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory
  • New national policy promoting exploration in India - National Mineral Exploration Trust (NMET)


Additional Information on this Export Lead:

Delivery terms: Negotiable

Financial terms: Negotiable

Coordinating Austrade Adviser:

Name: Murray Spence


Tel: +61 3 9648 3134


Terms and Conditions

It is important that you familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of Austrade’s opportunity process before responding to this opportunity.  The terms and conditions outline the eligibility criteria for responding and further information from Austrade on what you can expect if you respond to this opportunity.  Read the terms and conditions on Austrade’s website here.


Austrade Disclaimer

This email is confidential and use by any person other than the addressee may be illegal. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete it. The content is for information and carries no warranty; as such, the addressee must exercise their own discretion in its use. Australia’s anti-bribery laws apply overseas and Austrade will not provide business related services to any party who breaches the law and will report credible evidence of any breach. If you are travelling overseas consult - the Australian Government's travel advisory service. Please consider the environment before printing this email.




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