Wednesday, 21 October 2020
Case Study: Data Transfer Shuttle Car to DCB
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Case Study: Data Transfer Shuttle Car to DCB

Nautitech and Swanson Industries recently collaborated on a test to establish data transfer between the DCB and Swanson’s shuttle cars, affectionately known as Waracars.
The objective of the test was to determine speed and quality of communications from shuttle cars and any influencing factors caused by slip rings on trailing cables as they are wound or unwound. The results were highly successful! Read about the Swanson Shuttle Car and Nautitech's Spitfire® BPLM test here.
The Nautitech Spitfire® underground broadband communications solution has great possibilities for use on other machinery that uses a trailing cable as a power source. Trials of the Spitfire® BPLM solution in Australia and the US show highly positive results, with enough data throughput for reliable real time operational monitoring, and enough spare bandwidth to transfer video data for machines fitted with HD or Thermal cameras.
Applications such as Shuttle Cars, Feeder Breakers, Ventilation Fans, and Proximity Detection Systems can be networked to transfer data and video from the local system to the surface. Such valuable information provided to the mine control room in real time will no doubt offer additional opportunities to drive improvements in safety, efficiency and productivity.

Read about the Spitfire® BPLM solution for Communications in Underground Mining here.



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