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Ahead of Austmine 2015 – A Guide to Maximising your Attendance!
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Ahead of Austmine 2015 – A Guide to Maximising your Attendance!

Written by Megan Edwards, Membership and Communications Manager, Austmine

Austmine 2015: Transforming Mining is now only two weeks away, and with over 450 industry senior representatives from mining houses and mining equipment, technology and service providers already confirmed to join us, it is living up to its reputation as the country’s leading mining technology and innovation conference.

Securing your sponsorship, booth or ticket is just the first step in benefitting from this world-class event. Now you need to show up and really make the most of your time! Here are my top tips for getting the most value out of this event. Quick disclaimer – these suggestions are not rocket science, but after a decade of running conferences, I am aware how few people really utilise their time on site at an event.

  • Come to every informal networking event. Your conference pass includes every networking drinks session, including from 5.30pm on Monday 18th May, from 5.25pm on Tuesday 19th May and from 5pm on Wednesday 20th May. Many deals are done over a more informal setting, and at the very least connections are formed. Whether you’re looking to sell, forge relationships, or line up your next job opportunity – there’s no excuse for missing a networking opportunity.
  • Don’t sit constantly with your colleagues. Moving around the conference and exhibition in a big herd isn’t likely to encourage anyone to approach you. Choose to sit at a separate table during the conference time and at the Industry Leaders’ Dinner and Awards evening so you can meet new people. You see your colleagues every day in the office; you didn’t pay to come to a conference to talk to them in a different room.
  • Bring enough business cards! Ensure your Linkedin profile is up to date, so you can immediately add them on there (once you get home from the conference, immediately add everyone you met on Linkedin anyway, before they have time to forget a name or face).
  • Listen to the presentations. Aside from this being polite, if you cannot reference the presentations when in discussion with other attendees, you will not come off well (particularly if the attendee you’re talking to was one of the speakers…). The presentation content will shape a lot of the discussion in the exhibition room over the two days, so it will be your loss if you cannot contribute. If any are particularly relevant to your offering/interest, then take notes. You will quickly forget much of what you’ve heard and a lot of these presentations will contain gems.
  • If you are manning an exhibition booth – do not sit there on your laptop. News flash – if you want to sell to the miners, you need to engage them. They have no obligation to come over to your stand and they won’t be incentivised to if you’re constantly staring at a laptop or iPad screen. Get out from behind your desk and make eye contact, smile and engage as people walk past.
  • Sponsors and exhibitors – you get a copy of the delegate list in advance and the opportunity to flag people you particularly want to meet. Do this! Find 10 minutes to sit down with it the week before the conference and identify your top 10 ideal introductions.
  • Austmine members - make yourself known to Austmine staff so they can better introduce miners and opportunities to you over the course of the 2 – 3 days.
  • If you are interested in the commercialising aspect of innovation in the METS sector, attend the free “Workshop B: Accessing Innovation” workshop that’s taking place on Monday 18th May between 3 – 5.30pm at the conference venue. If you haven’t yet registered for this, but are attending the conference email to put your name down for the workshop.

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