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Austmine 2019 Award Winner Interview: Metallurgical Systems
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Austmine 2019 Award Winner Interview: Metallurgical Systems

Metallurgical Systems were the very deserving winner of the 2019 Craig Senger Excellence in Export Award. The award judges selected Metallurgical Systems as the winner because they are an innovative and pioneering company, with an impressive export strategy and have achieved overwhelming success in export markets. Their collaboration with overseas miners is outstanding and significantly contributed to this success. Austmine caught up with John Vagenas, Founder and Managing Director of Metallurgical Systems, to get his thoughts on the win.

What does it mean to you to win the Craig Senger Excellence in Export Award?

The entire team here at Metallurgical Systems is thrilled to receive this award. We’ve been developing and implementing Metallurgical Intelligence® (MI) for almost a decade, so it’s great to be recognised as a leading exporter, especially as our software is developed entirely in Australia and currently installed exclusively at overseas locations.

One of the things we’ve found, in our years of working internationally, is that no matter where we’re working, the principles of plant management and overall plant accounting remain consistent. Our clients all want the same thing: to be able to access valuable plant information that is reliable and transparent so that they can know more, sooner, and we know that we can deliver this for them. We see this Craig Senger Excellence in Export Award as a fantastic recognition of this.  

Why do you think your submission stood out to the judges?

One of Metallurgical Systems’ key points of difference is the fact we spend a great deal of time on site at minerals processing plants in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Each deployment of Metallurgical Intelligence® involves customisation and integration that would just not be possible without going there. Particularly, our ability to offer our products in multiple languages and to tailor our learning programs to different cultures is something that we know our clients really value.

In a more direct sense, we have also enjoyed very strong and consistent growth as an exporter, and this has been a key factor in us winning this award. With the increasing digitisation of our sector, we are in a great position to continue this growth into the future.

How important is it for Australian METS to be acknowledged for export success?

It’s really important, as it highlights how essential an export strategy is to success in our industry. The Australian mining industry does not have the same amount of growth and investment that other countries of the world have – there are just more opportunities in other markets. In order to make the most of these opportunities, you need to be visible to other markets and you need to be prepared to deliver in these countries, too.

On your trips around the world, how is our sector perceived on a global stage?

We find Australian METS products in use at almost every site we visit. I think this speaks volumes about the perception of the sector – that we as a nation create technology that is both highly innovative and high quality. It’s that second part that I think really sets us apart from other countries, as that trust in quality only comes with from a long history of success.

What’s next for Metallurgical Systems? What can we all get excited about?

We are always working hard to enhance our existing offerings and provide more value for our clients, however this year we are really focused on expanding our MI Suite to cover all aspects of plant operations.

Particularly, we have developed a tool MI Process Optimiser®, that targets end-to-end process optimisation of your plant, based on broader strategic goals. It can tell you what you need to do to really make the most of your ore and control your costs while you’re at it.

You can see more about Metallurgical Systems on their website.

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