Wednesday, 21 October 2020
Austmine's Co-Labs Update
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Austmine's Co-Labs Update

Following the successful Perth Co-Lab on Next Generation Mineral Extraction, Austmine are now looking forward to welcoming industry leaders to Newcastle for our Co-Lab 16.2: Performance Improvement Now.

Austmine’s Co-Labs are a series of four intense full-day workshops which bring together technical experts, experienced individuals and strategic thinkers from across the METS, mining and research communities to collaboratively explore solutions to the most pressing issues facing the sector. From each Co-Lab, a thought-leadership paper will be developed which will examine the focus topic and will provide scope for further collaborative work to be undertaken.

The first of these Co-Labs was held at the end of June and explored ideas that have the potential to change the way we traditionally operate in the mining industry with regards to mineral extraction and processing. The discussions revolved around identifying key reasons for the failure of industry collaboration in the past, how we can improve this moving forward and where the key bottlenecks are across the mining value chain from initial mining extraction, through processing and along to the end customer. Out of that Co-Lab has emerged a working group focused on the challenge of access to real time orebody modelling based on physical parameters as well as geological and geometallurgical. Further work is being undertaken by this group currently and you can watch a review of the first Co-Lab here.

The next Co-Lab takes place in Newcastle on 26th August and is called Co-Lab 16.2: Performance Improvement Now. This tackles an issue that hits close to home in the Hunter region, with the fall in coal prices meaning that there is an urgent need to improve operations. This will explore where the critical levers are in mining operations that METS and miners can still exploit to drive performance improvements. Smarter use of existing technologies and equipment, along with efficiency gains will be the focus.

Co-Lab 16.3: The Digital Mine will take place in Brisbane in October and will focus on how the disruptive nature of advanced technologies and rapid innovations will shape the future of the sector. This will allow for smooth, planned, lean and controlled operations that reduce much of the guess work by leveraging data, sensors, communications devices and computers in a way that will transform operations completely.

Co-Lab 16.4: Small Footprint Mining will occur on November 25th in Adelaide, concentrating on the mining sector’s social licence to operate. Discussions will revolve around making real advancements in energy, water and land usage and emissions. This will ensure the sustainability of both our sector and the natural environment and will lessen the pressures that miners face from other stakeholders surrounding environmental impacts of operations. Implementing these changes efficiently will also reduce the burden that implementing environmental strategies and procedures have on a company’s bottom line. 

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