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Business Adviser Profile: Marianne Cummings
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Business Adviser Profile: Marianne Cummings

On July 1st 2015, Austmine were delighted to announce the addition of seven new Business Advisers to our team, as part of the Federal Government’s Entrepreneurs Programme (EP). Marianne Cummings, based in Newcastle, NSW, is one of the team.

Can you tell us a little about your role in the EP in relation to Austmine?

I am a Business Adviser, meaning that I will be working with businesses who are exposed to the resources sector and are actively looking to either grow their business or significantly improve their current operations. These are businesses who look at the current state of the market as an opportunity to diversify, respond to industry challenges and come out stronger. 

What is your experience with the mining and Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sectors previously?

I have worked in a consulting capacity to companies in the METS sector for over 10 years. I am based in Newcastle, so am working predominantly with companies in the coal mining supply chain in the Hunter Valley region. My consulting capacity over this decade has allowed me to observe how hundreds of companies, across numerous sectors operate (both successfully and not so successfully!), assist owners grow their businesses and diversify and develop strong contacts in the METS sector. 

Why should Austmine members be excited about this opportunity?

This is an opportunity for Austmine members to have a set of independent eyes looking at their business, and supporting them on forward-looking strategies, all the time knowing they have the backing of Austmine behind them. This is an entire business overview from someone independent, who will come in with a collaborative approach to improvement done through discussion and observations within the organisation.

Who can apply?

Any METS business with a turnover between $1.5milion to $100 million, and which has been operating three financial years can apply. More specifically I would recommend EP to those who are looking to grow or improve their business and have a positive attitude to the future direction of the organisation. It is a free programme to participate in, and there may be access to further funding as a result of participation for companies.

Where you do see the major opportunities for Australian METS over the next 12-18 months to drive improvements within their businesses?

The downturn in mining has presented not just challenges, but also opportunities and impetus for companies to explore more efficient ways of operating to meet the drive from industry for higher productivity levels. Those businesses operating efficiently can move beyond, to capitalise on diversification, whether that's using METS expertise to go into another sector here in Australia, or in exporting their skills or technology into an emerging market.

METS Companies in the Hunter and Newcastle Region: If you'd like to speak with Marianne about any opportunities for her to work with you, email her now.

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