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Co-Lab Update: Complete Austmine's Open Source Problem Solving Survey
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Co-Lab Update: Complete Austmine's Open Source Problem Solving Survey

Last year we launched our Mining Collaboration Laboratories, or Co-Labs, as we call them. The focus of the Co-Labs has been to foster a strategic conversation about some of the key challenges facing our industry and to drive collaboration between METS, miners and researchers in order to create step change.  

To date, we have held 3 Co-Labs focused on:

(By clicking on the links above, you will have access to the post-Co-Labs webinars which present the key outcomes of each.)

We also held a mini (short timeframe) – maxi (over 100 people) Co-Lab at IMARC in November 2016, and the outcomes from that can be found here.

To finish off this series, our next Co-Lab will be held in Adelaide at the end of February and will focus on Small Footprint Mining. At this Co-Lab 16.4, we will be exploring - What can we do collectively to create pathways for mines now and in the future to significantly reduce their footprint (physical, environmental, safety, social, where significant = >30% difference)? 

The Co-Labs are not just a day long talkfest, but seek to bring together one or more active and ongoing working groups which address real problems facing the industry. From our first 3 Co-Labs, we have 4 active working groups looking at interoperability, real time ore body knowledge, open source problem solving and benchmarking.

Our open source problem solving working group is interested in your views as to what an on-line problem solving platform might look like. The need for such a platform was identified in 2 of our Co-labs and our IMARC Co-Lab, so clearly it is something the industry thinks it needs. To give us your views please complete a short survey here -

The basic premise around this working group is that access to miners’ problems and challenges via an on-line/internet enabled platform will open-up the provision of solutions from multi-sources inside and outside the industry for the purpose of driving productivity for miners and METS. 

With the increasing complexity faced by the industry, mining companies need to innovate better and faster, but traditional channels cannot always facilitate this. On the other hand, METS companies want access to the problems and priorities of mining companies so they can direct their energies towards the most relevant and innovative solutions. METS companies also need a mechanism to better connect with each other for the purpose of offering a combined solution. Further, solutions from outside the industry are increasingly needed. In this instance METS companies or the mining company itself is the domain knowledge provider but it must be partnered up with new capability, possibly from outside of the industry. 

It is clear from our Co-Labs that we have many committed and passionate people in our industry who see the need for change, and want to be part of making it happen. It is also clear that there are very few mechanisms for the industry to come together and have a strategic conversation and concentrate on the longer term important versus short term fixes.   

We are planning to continue our strategic conversations throughout 2017. If you would like to get involved in these discussions or want to know more about our Co-Labs, please e-mail

A big thank you to the sponsors of our Co-Lab series METS Ignited and Wipro



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