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Member Spotlight: Clytie Dangar, General Manager - Stakeholder Engagement, CRC ORE
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Member Spotlight: Clytie Dangar, General Manager - Stakeholder Engagement, CRC ORE

As part of Austmine's 30 year celebrations we are shining the spotlight on our members!

Innovation doesn’t always mean starting from scratch – sometimes it means finding new ways to get value from existing ideas. That’s exactly what CRC ORE does, by scouring other industry sectors for technologies that could prove useful in the mining sector.

CRC ORE, otherwise known as the Cooperative Research Centre Optimising Resource Extraction, is one of just a handful of mining related CRCs jointly funded by the Australian government and the private sector. It was awarded an additional six years of government funding in 2015, following an initial five-year funding term.

CRC ORE offers opportunity for highly skilled undergraduates, post-graduates and thinkers outside of mining the opportunity to contribute their skills to the mining and METS sector.

Exciting career choice for women

CRC ORE is an active participant in Austmine’s STEM METS Career Pathway Program. General Manager - Stakeholder Engagement Clytie Dangar said it’s crucial to harness new generation talent and show students that METS is an exciting industry.

With many years working in the industry Clytie said women have been missing opportunities to lead key innovations in mining and she would like to see this change.

“I personally make it my mission to try and promote and support women coming up through the mining industry,” Clytie said.

“From a diversity perspective there’s lot of work to do, but also lots of opportunities. The time is right for change,” she said.

Clytie said there are a lot of support programs that METS companies can tap into, like the Austmine programs, as well as government acceleration and innovation programs.

Soft skills matter

Clytie was quick to get on board with the Austmine’s Innovation Mentoring Program when it launched in 2017 and is now working with her second mentee. With 10 hours of one to one mentoring dedicated to each mentee, Clytie said she is pleased to have the chance to help mentees open their minds to new possibilities and encourage them to be bold, take risks and promote themselves. 

“Given that my background and skillset is in the commercial, business development and customer relationship areas, I feel I can encourage highly technical people to think about some of the less technical, more behavioural aspects required for success,” she said.

CRC ORE places a high value on the development of soft skills. When students intern at CRC ORE they are instilled with the importance of networking and profile building early in their careers.

“At our Annual Assembly held last November, we threw our interns in the deep end in their first week, getting them to interact with senior industry representatives and high-level academics. It was pretty daunting for them, but most of them managed well and had some interesting conversations along the way.”

Austmine's STEM METS Career Pathway Program was launched in 2019 after the great success of the Women in STEM Vacation Program. Now both male and female STEM students get the opportunity to do 10-week paid internships during university holidays.

Clytie said CRC ORE wants to open students up to the possibilities in the mining industry. Many come from electrical engineering, chemical engineering, physics or IT backgrounds and have never considered the mining industry. 

New recruit

Shruti Gaur, a recent Master of Information Technology and CRC internship graduate, said she learnt about the mining industry in one of Austmine’s Women in STEM information sessions and took away that women could make mining their industry of choice.

“Like every other person who hasn’t been associated with the mining industry, I always thought mining was just blasting in some remote and rugged environment,” Shruti said.

Shruti and CRC ORE made an impression on each other during her 2018/2019 vacation internship when the STEM specialists’ talent captured CRC ORE’s attention. Shruti graduated with her Master’s degree from Queensland University of Technology, and was recently offered a full-time position with CRC ORE, and is now being mentored by Clytie herself.

Clytie believes the programs Austmine offers really help support people in the METS community, to thrive in the mining industry.

Find out more about our programs.

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