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Mine 2017 - PwC insights into global mining trends
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Mine 2017 - PwC insights into global mining trends

Mine 2017: Stop. Think. Act  - an analysis of the global mining industry as represented by the Top 40 mining companies.

2016 was a year of recovery for the world's largest Top 40 mining companies, with profitability returning and balance sheet repair well underway. 

Rapidly rising commodities prices sparked renewed market optimism and improved credit ratings across the Top 40 firms. Valuations also climbed, especially for the traditional miners, with the trend continuing into early 2017 even as commodity prices remained flat. 

Our theme of Stop. Think...Act reads like a mining safety mantra as over 2016 we observed the industry move past the danger and decline of 2015, to draw breath and consider where to from here.  The longer term question, as the industry moves from 'stop' and 'think' to 'act' is where and how they will apply the lessons learned from the last cycle, reap the benefits from investments they made and take a more counter cyclical approach to acquisitions and disposals. Find out more

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