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Unearthed and Austmine combine to Spread METS Message
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Unearthed and Austmine combine to Spread METS Message

A significant memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between Unearthed and Austmine will seek to continue the development of the mining equipment, technology, and services (METS) sector in Australia.

Unearthed – a program that aims to quickly develop potential solutions to high-value resources industry challenges – will work with Austmine to continue the advancement and competitive positioning of Australian technology and innovation in the local and international mining and resources industries. Austmine is the peak industry body in Australia for the mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector.

With the country’s resources sector set to lose some $1 billion over the next decade if it fails to invest in METS, initiatives such as Unearthed are crucial in ensuring that new technologies are developed in Australia rather than being sourced from overseas.

As the leading body for the METS sector, Austmine’s strong backing of Unearthed is a clear indication of the value it sees in the initiative.

“Austmine is very pleased to support Unearthed,” said Christine Gibbs Stewart, Austmine CEO.

“It is this kind of fast innovation and collaborative energy which is needed to solve the challenges that global miners face. It is a very exciting program from both the point of view of accelerating innovation into mining supply chains, and as an important catalyst in helping high-tech, highly innovative startups to grow.”

The unique format of Unearthed benefits from a collaborative approach between software developers and data scientists, who work on prototype solutions, and mining companies, who present genuine problems and make real data available. The result is a dynamic environment where anything is possible.

“The strong technical expertise that is already a hallmark of the Australian METS sector has been an important component in the success of the initiative,” said Unearthed Director Zane Prickett.

“When this knowledge is applied to an open and fast paced innovation forum such as Unearthed, we’re able to produce the next generation of mining technology products and companies in an incredibly short timeframe.”

Newton Labs, the team that took out the first Unearthed in May 2014, typified the kind of success that can be generated from the event. Focusing on the issue of the damage caused by oversized rocks, which can cause crushing to be stopped while the boulder is cleared, it took a mere six months for the team to form a company and develop and test their products at sites in Western Australia.

It is success of this kind that has prompted the MoU between Unearthed and Austmine as the two organisations continue to raise the profile of the METS sector in Australia and devise solutions to real problems in the mining industry.

The first Unearthed event for 2015 will take place in Perth from 20-22 March, with Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to follow.

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