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COVID-19 Information, Updates and Resources
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COVID-19 Information, Updates and Resources

Austmine Event Safe Framework

COVID-19 has impacted businesses around the world and whilst the Australian METS sector is strong, it is not immune. At Austmine, our main priority is the health and safety of our members, guests and speakers. The purpose of this document is to outline new processes and protocols to help ensure the safety of everyone at our events moving forward.

As restrictions start to ease and we begin our return to business as usual, Austmine is currently working on several hygienic and preventative measures to be practiced at our future events to maintain the safety and healthy wellbeing of our attendees.

View Framework HERE


Monday Member Meetups

To assist members connect and participate in essential industry discussion during this unique and challenging time, the Austmine team is hosting regular meetups.

Held fortnightly, each meetup features:

  • The latest government updates and measures on both national and state levels.
  • A guest speaker from government body, mining company or industry leader to update members on restrictions and advice.
  • A specific topic as a focus point for discussion during the meetup, such as information on specific international markets for exporters.
  • Designated time for members to share concerns or strategies around current industry challenges.

The virtual events are a great opportunity to contribute to discussion on the industry's landscape and challenges, find out about new initiatives and connect with fellow METS companies.

For more information click here.


Government Measures & Updates

The Australian Government is implementing measures to support businesses impacted by Covid-19.

Austmine is collating information here to ensure our members are aware of the initiatives, information and resources available to them.

Below we have State Government Business & Industry Advice; Funding, Relief and Other Financial Information; and an overview from METS Ignited.

Latest Border Controls & Exemptions

Summary of Border Controls and Exemptions (as at 19 November 2020)

Summary of Border Controls and Exemptions (as at 17 November 2020)

Summary of Border Controls and Exemptions (as at 12 October 2020)

Summary of Border Controls and Exemptions (as at 22 September 2020)

Summary of Border Controls and Exemptions (as at 7 September 2020)

Summary of Border Controls and Exemptions (as at 19 August 2020)

Summary of Border Controls and Exemptions (as at 11 August 2020)

Summary of Border Controls and Exemptions (as at 5 August 2020)

Summary of Border Controls and Exemptions (as at 27 July 2020) Updated

Summary of Border Controls and Exemptions (as at 27 July 2020)

Summary of Border Controls and Exemptions (as at 17 July 2020)

Federal and state border control measures to manage COVID-19 pandemic (as at 15 July 2020)


State Government Business & Industry Advice

For the latest information for your state, please click the below links.

Western Australia

Business & Industry Advice


Business and Industry Support

New South Wales

Business Support and Resources

NSW Government is urgently seeking supplies and manufacturing of medical equipment, specifically looking to produce hand sanitiserexamination glovesdisinfectant and cleaning productshandwash and soapmaskseyeweargowns and paper products including toilet and tissue paper. You can register your interest in becoming part of the supply chain here.


Business Support

Permitted Work Premises Information (as at 5 August 2020)

South Australia

Business Information and Support

Northern Territory

Support for Business


Supporting Our Community


Business Information


Essential Services

The Australian Government has announced social distancing measures to protect the Australian community from the spread of the coronavirus. Restrictions have been placed on a number of non-essential services.

More information on these measures can be found on the business.gov.au website here: https://business.gov.au/risk-management/emergency-management/coronavirus-information-and-support-for-business/restrictions-on-non-essential-services.

Any business that is listed here – unless it has an exemption – is a prohibited because it is considered to create a risk of transmission and for the time being is considered as a non-essential service.

A detailed media statement from the Prime Minister's office is found here: https://www.pm.gov.au/media/update-coronavirus-measures-24-March-2020

On top of the Government’s economic package we have also seen the banks step up to support small business with SMEs to benefit from deferred loan repayments for six months.

Services support

As well as financial support, services support has been ramped up across the country, including a helpline for businesses providing specialist advice to navigate the range of support available to help companies forge ahead.

Federal, state and energy ministers have taken action to deliver a coordinated national approach to safeguard energy supplies impacting Australian households and SMEs.

We have seen large technology companies come together to help SMEs to work remotely, launching a website with free practical tools to support a new way of doing things.

Free resources are now available including downloadable posters and fact sheets to provide your team with up to date health advice and practices to keep everyone safe.


Funding, Relief and Other Financial Information

Boosting Cash Flow for Employers

Provides up to $100,000 back to small and medium-sized businesses, with a minimum payment of $20,000 for eligible businesses. The payments will provide cash flow support to businesses with a turnover of less than $50 million and not-for-profit entities that employ staff.  The payment will be tax free.

Temporary Relief for Financially Distressed Businesses

There is a temporary increase to the threshold at which creditors can issue a statutory demand on a company and the time companies have to respond to statutory demands they receive. This includes temporary relief for directors from any personal liability for trading while insolvent, and providing temporary flexibility in the Corporations Act 2001 to provide temporary and targeted relief from provisions of the Act.

Supporting the Flow of Credit

The Government, Reserve Bank of Australia and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority have taken coordinated action to support the flow of credit in the Australian economy, in particular for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Visit business.gov.au for complete information on support assistance available for sole traders, employers and companies.


Industry Updates

Federation University Australia 

Wednesday 29th April 2020

The Federation TAFE Skills and Jobs Centre is a Victorian State Government program that assists industry and business with employment assistance (recruitment & retrenchment assistance), training options available as well as linking employers/industry with government programs that can assist moving forward.


The Victorian government has introduced the ‘Working for Victoria’ program which works with jobseekers who have been disengaged with their roles due to the current COVID-19 situation gain employment with employers who have roles available for short or long term. This program also assists jobseekers in undertaking short courses that will assist them gain skills in cleaning and sanitisation, food processing, customer service with many more on offer to ensure that they attain the skills that will compliment their previous employment in gaining new roles outside of their usual employment field.



The Skills and Jobs Centres are located within each TAFE in Victoria (16 in total) and can assist in all areas that you may need with regards to recruitment, skills needs assessment, training options (e.g. traineeship/apprenticeship eligibility, formal training development for staff etc.) as well as working with employees in the event that their roles have been made redundant to ensure that they have the best available support in looking for their next role. The services that the Skills and Jobs Centres offers are free of charge and are flexible to work within the parameters that you organisation requires. For further information please go to: https://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/programs/pathways/skillsandjobscentres/Pages/default.aspx?Redirect=1#link29.


If your business needs any assistance in the current period, or assistance in post COVID-19, please feel free to contact Brad Smith, Training & Employment Advisor | Skills and Jobs Centre, at bradley.smith@federation.edu.au.


METS Ignited 

Monday 30th March 2020

Government Stimulus Measures:

Recently, the Federal Government announced an economic plan and series of stimulus packages focused on keeping Australians in jobs and helping small and medium sized businesses to stay in business. A total of $189 billion is being injected into the economy, including $17.6 billion for the Government’s first economic stimulus package, $90 billion from the RBA and $15 billion from the Government to deliver easier access to finance, and $66.1 billion in today’s economic support package.

Financial business support for SMEs:

Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme – Supporting the flow of credit
Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme

Boosting Cashflow for Employers
Boosting cash flow for employers

Temporary financial Relief for SME;s
Temporary relief for financially distressed businesses

Delivering Support for Business Investment
Increasing the instant asset write-off

Backing SME Investment to Support growth and recovery
Backing business investment

Supporting Apprentice and Trainee Retention
Supporting apprentices and trainees


Additional support for SMEs and the broader population

Industry stepping in to supply sanitiser

DFAT assisting with PPE needs

How can METS companies get involved?

On behalf of all of the Industry Growth Centres, The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) has launched a portal for Australian manufacturing, component suppliers and skilled design, engineering and manufacturing experts to register their interest and core competencies in support of the national response to COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Manufacturer Response Register portal is live now with all contact treated in strict confidence.

There are a number of tenders for equipment and expressions of interest that are being published through the department of industry websites and the AusTender website.

Tenders are being released by different departments as needs arise. They will be published through the AusTender portal. https://www.tenders.gov.au/Atm/Show/70c82ab8-bd76-4123-aa62-2c6202d42f16.


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