Saturday, 28 November 2020
Webinar Recording: Mining's Next Horizon Series Part 2 - Disruptive Innovation Driving Smarter Mining
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Webinar Recording: Mining's Next Horizon Series Part 2 - Disruptive Innovation Driving Smarter Mining

Part 2 of Austmine's Mining's Next Horizon webinar series focused on Disruptive Innovation Driving Smarter Mining. 

Today’s mining operations look significantly different from those a decade ago, and the pace of this change is increasing rapidly. It is now commonplace to have drones mapping mine sites and stockpiles, autonomous haulage systems improving productivity and remote operating centres controlling the mining system from pit to port.

However, the disruption we face is not just about technology. Consumer demands and community relationships have forced mining companies to operate with a smaller footprint, multinationals like Apple are pursuing greater recycling of metals in an attempt to ‘stop mining the earth all together,’ and technology firms like Google and Amazon are entering the mining space in the era of digitalisation.

For this webinar our expert speaker panel was: 

  • Elan Frantz, Director of Product, Airobotics
  • Mal Jones, Vice President Consultative Services, 3D-P
  • Anton Kroger, Senior Director Natural Resources, SAP Australia
Topics discussed included: 

  • Sources of disruption and industry change;
  • Disruptive innovations changing the game in mining;
  • Strategies to succeed in a rapidly changing environment;
  • The importance of data in the modern age of mining and how to utilise it;
  • The future outlook for mining with this disruption in mind.


You can find slides from the presentations attached below. 



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