Saturday, 11 July 2020
Webinar Recording: What is Diversity and Why is it Important for the METS Sector?
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Webinar Recording: What is Diversity and Why is it Important for the METS Sector?

The recording is now available for part 1 of Austmine's Diversity & Inclusion Series.

Diversity and inclusion are principles that help foster innovative and adaptive mindsets that allow businesses to prosper in today's age. With many mining companies are now considering suppliers’ workforce diversity in making final selections with contracts, there is a need to discuss what diversity and inclusion look like and how can solutions be implemented.

Expert Panellists:

  • Ann Burns, Managing Director Resources ANZ, Accenture 

  • Lousie Rolland, Executive Director, People Advisory Service Team, EY

  • Alex Urquhart, Engineer & Engagement Manager, RedEye Apps

  • Alicia Bunting


  • The definition of diversity and the various shapes and sizes it comes in;
  • The current landscape of diversity in the mining industry and METS sector;
  • Benefits of diversity with examples from research and businesses;
  • Why it is critical for the METS sector to embrace diversity and inclusion.


Listen to the recording here

Download Slides

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