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Asset Management Master Class
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Asset Management Master Class

This comprehensive 5-day course is designed for those who wish to obtain a comprehensive understanding of Asset Management and ISO 55000 in preparation for a role as an Asset Management professional. Prepared in alignment with the UK’s Institute of Asset Management (IAM) competence and training framework, this course covers all the key areas involved in Asset Management, and is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Asset Management Concepts and Principles
  • ISO 55000, ISO 55001 and ISO 55002, and
  • The GFMAM Asset Management Landscape

It is an information-packed, practical course for people who will be responsible for the development, implementation or maintenance of an organisation's asset management system.


Led by one of Assetivity's CAMA Certified Asset Management Assessors, participants will gain a detailed insight into:

• Key Asset Management principles
• The Benefits of Asset Management 
• Introduction to Asset Management Policy 
• Implementing Asset Management Systems 
• Defining Asset Management Policy & Strategy
• Effective Asset Management Strategies and Plans 
• Building an Asset Management Organisation 
• Implementing Asset Management Plans 
• Assessing Asset Management Risk and Performance

Participants will be involved in class and group discussions facilitated by our course trainer.

This course is aligned with the entire suite of IAM Asset Management Courses:

Asset Management Principles and Policy

  • IAM Course - Foundation Award (pending IAM Approval)
  • IAM Course - The Executive Briefing (pending IAM Approval)

Implementing Asset Management Systems

  • B1 The Asset Management System
  • B2 Defining Asset Management Policy & Strategy
  • B3 Effective Asset Management Strategies and Plans
  • B4 Building an Asset Management Organisation
  • B5 Implementing Asset Management Plans
  • B6 Assessing Asset Management Risk and Performance

Upon completion of the assessment at the end of this course, participants will be issued with a certificate of completion.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for personnel responsible for the development, implementation and operation of an organisation’s asset management system, or for assessing compliance with that system. Please note that we cannot accept registrations from other consultants for this course.


The course assumes that participants are familiar with the fundamental concepts of asset management, however a brief refresher on those concepts is undertaken in the first module of this course.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, delegates should (as a minimum) be able to:

  • Understand Asset Management
  • Understand Asset Management Documentation
  • Understand Asset Management Planning
  • Understand the Asset Management System
  • Understand Asset Management Performance and Improvement
  • Understand information requirements for Asset Management
  • Describe the main implications of asset management for organisational structure, roles and responsibilities and reporting lines
  • Describe how the performance of people working in asset management can be assessed and improved
  • Describe how the criticality of products, services and their suppliers can be analysed
  • Give examples of how asset management affects the specification of requirements for supplied goods and services
  • Describe how organisational culture is likely to affect asset management performance
  • Describe how to analyse the criticality of procured products and services
  • Give examples of criteria which can be used to assess the performance of asset management teams


As this course is part of the IAM’s competency framework, each attendee will be formally assessed to measure successful achievement of the competency.  This assessment will be based on formal testing as well as practical experience. Participants who successfully demonstrate competence in this course will be issued a certificate of completion.

Training Course Duration

5 Days

Training Course Cost

$4,250 (ex GST) per person. 

Early Bird Discount = $425

Discounts apply for multiple attendees from the same organisation:

2-3 attendees = $3,825 per person

4+ attendees = $3,400 per person

Training Course Dates and Registration

  • Click here to view the dates and locations when this course is currently scheduled to run
  • This course can also be run in-house for your organisation at a time and location that suits you. Contact one of our consultants to discuss this further and obtain a price quotation.
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