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Interoperability Definitions and Roadmap Workshops
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Interoperability Definitions and Roadmap Workshops


GMSG will be hosting regional workshops throughout Q2, designed to engage broad industry participation in the GMSG Interoperability Definitions and Roadmap Project. 

The project, to be completed by Q3 2018, will enable industry-wide alignment and identify a collaborative path forward to address mining interoperability including the identification of initiatives and projects and fostering increased collaboration across the sector. As part of this project, volunteers will join a multi-stakeholder innovation ecosystem, sharing expertise and building meaningful relationships with potential collaborators.  

The outcome is to generate input for the much-needed international roadmap: a landscape of interoperability initiatives, projects, organizations and resourcing that are aligned, collaborative, and supportive of interoperability developments in other organizations. 

During the workshop, participants will work together to: 

  • Determine common industry interoperability definitions, scope, principles and references
  • Develop a consensus on what the desired end state looks like
  • Identify existing projects and organizations that have developed/are developing interoperability-related solutions
  • Identify industry barriers and success factors to move interoperability forward 

Our ASK 
Due to the vast regional landscape, we have divided workshops into regions, so that you are able to participate without worrying about flying all over the world! Find a region close to you and register: 

  • Africa:
    • Johannesburg: June 27: Register: Contact Yolande Ndimande at (½Day Interoperability -  ½ Day Underground Communications Infrastructure)
  • Australia: Interoperability Roadshow
  • North America: 
  • Under development:  Denver, Santiago, Peru, Sweden, Australia focus groups 
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