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“Make in India” Conference: A Brief Overview
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“Make in India” Conference: A Brief Overview

Written by Sheldon Varcoe, Membership Services Officer, Austmine

The “Make in India” conference recently took place in Sydney at the Shangri-La Hotel, bringing together esteemed delegates, industry professionals and expert speakers to discuss potential business opportunities in India. The Sydney conference was just one part of the Indian government’s globally-focused strategy to promote economic growth through increased Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). “Make in India” can be described as one of the world’s largest marketing campaigns, with the Indian government promoting new policies and procedures that are designed to make business easier. These initiatives include reducing bureaucratic interference, allowing 100% FDI in certain sectors and initiating bold new programs such as the creation of an industrial corridor from Delhi to Mumbai and the development of 100 citizen friendly and sustainable smart cities.

Mining and Resources was one of the three key sectors discussed at the conference, along with Agri-business and smart cities. The Indian delegation emphasised the role that Australian companies can play in this sector, due to the technological capabilities built-up in a similar environment to that of India. The objective of the program for India was to encourage Australian companies to set up operations in India, bringing technological knowledge and expertise, whilst developing products and services with India’s relatively lower-cost skilled labour.

Mining and Resources speakers at the event included:

-          Mr Jeyakumar Janakaraj CEO of Adani Mining, who addressed collaboration opportunities between Australian and Indian companies, highlighting the role that Australian companies can have in mine exploration (drilling and sampling, software, blasting), mineral processing (refining and smelting), training and education (safety standards and technical skills) and mine automation (data analytics).

-          Mr Michael Llett, Director at Hydco Engineering, who gave insight into Hydco’s operations in India, where they build specialised drill rigs and supporting equipment and export these products globally.

-          Mr Craig Ehrke, Managing Director at Mack Valves, who spoke about Mack Valve’s Indian operations where they partnered with local and multi-national companies, supplying oxygen valves for mines.

Australian Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) companies that are pursuing opportunities in the Indian market should inspect the “Make in India” programs and policies more closely by viewing the official website. METS companies should also be mindful that drawbacks and obstacles to business may still be encountered in India and that the “Make in India” endeavour is still very much in its infancy. 

Austmine will be presenting a webinar on the 11th of May at 4pm entitled “The Indian Mining Market,” which includes a panel of expert speakers who will discuss challenges and opportunities for Australian METS in India. For more information or to register please see the webinar event page. 

For more information about India, please see the India country insights profile created by Austmine.


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