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Austmine Appoint Anthony Holzwart to the Business Facilitator Role
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Austmine Appoint Anthony Holzwart to the Business Facilitator Role

Austmine is pleased to announce the appointment of Anthony Holzwart as a new Business Facilitator to run Supply Chain Facilitation Services as part of the Entrepreneur’s Programme. His addition to the Austmine team further expands our service offerings for Australian METS around the country.

The Entrepreneurs' Programme is an Australian Government initiative providing support to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) that want to improve performance or drive growth. The program involves one-on-one assistance in a range of areas including business strategy, financial advice, commercialisation and development, operational procedures and supply chain improvement. Austmine already has six Business Advisers based around Australia delivering this program for the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector.

Anthony, who is based in Toowoomba but will have a national scope, will focus on creating more efficient and effective relationships between buyers and suppliers within the mining and oil & gas sectors.  Central to the role is a focus on understanding and interpreting the needs and requirements of major buyers, and working within their supply chain to deliver skills, knowledge and capability improvement in line with the needs of the buyer. The outcome is a win/win/win scenario for buyers, suppliers and the broader Australian METS sector.

We conducted an initial interview with Anthony following his appointment so that our members can get to know him and the programme a little better.

1.       Tell us a little bit about your background. What led you here?

I’ve been lucky enough to work closely with SME’s over the last 16 years in roles that have focussed on improving business performance and sustainability. Within these roles I’ve had a great deal of satisfaction in providing practical assistance and support to SMEs to help them strengthen and grow their business, often in a turbulent and unpredictable operating environment.  Forms of assistance have been far reaching and include export coaching, business mentoring and supply chain development to name a few.  Working with many hundreds of businesses across a range of industry sectors including mining, oil & gas, civil infrastructure and manufacturing, the common theme has always been practical assistance that leads to commercial results. 

Austmine has long been a close partner of the [Qld] Department of State Development, Austrade and other organisations that I have worked for over the course of my career. The addition of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme and supply chain facilitation initiatives to Austmine’s services provided me with an opportunity to join a progressive and commercially focussed industry organisation that will allow me to apply skills, knowledge and insights within a team dedicated to progressing the Australian METS sector.


2.       What attracted you to Austmine and the Business Facilitator role?

From my experience over the years the buyer/supplier relationship within the major project environment is often “rich with opportunity”.  There is a degree of complexity within supply chains that is frequently challenging for SMEs to navigate.   

A third-party view of a supply chain provides objective insights that can lead to constructive improvements. The Federal Government’s Supply Chain Facilitation services delivered via Austmine to the Australian METS sector achieves this goal. 

The role of Business Facilitator within Austmine provides an opportunity to affect positive change and assist in delivering outcomes that benefit suppliers, buyers, the METS sector and the broader economic community.  Austmine is positioned as a leading industry association in one of Australia’s most dynamic, exciting and competitive industries. In the current mining industry environment, I see a lot of opportunity for Australian suppliers to thrive. We have some of the best technology, innovations and ideas in the world when it comes to mining, but many SME’s need assistance in identifying their strengths and aligning those with the needs of buyers.  I’m genuinely excited to be part of these endeavours.


3.       Could you provide a brief overview of the Programme and the supply chain services that you will be providing?

Supply Chain Facilitation Services help eligible Australian small and medium businesses better understand the specific needs of their buyers and develop the capabilities needed to access additional supply chain opportunities.  The value of these services to you include:

·         The ability to increase your competitiveness through access to market information, a tailored action plan for improving your operations, financial support and mentoring to implement recommendations for improvement

·         The ability to develop a better understanding of your buyer by obtaining a unique insight into your buyer’s requirements and specifications (developed by the independent Business Facilitator)

·         The opportunity to become a better supplier and improve your capability to access opportunities for your product/service in new and existing markets


4.       How can Australian METS tap into these opportunities?


If you’re a small or medium Australian METS company active in a relevant supply chain, you may be eligible to participate in a new or existing Supplier Improvement Project.  I encourage you to contact me via email in the first instance [details below] to see how we might be able to assist.

Alternatively, outside of a Supplier Improvement Project, if you’re interested in an assessment of your business [and you meet eligibility requirements] I would encourage you to contact your local Business Adviser to discuss the potential of a business evaluation offered under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

For more information on supply chain services and business facilitation, contact Anthony via

If you’d like to talk to your local Business Adviser about the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, contact:

Sydney/Wollongong/Central West: Mark Nesci 0400 820 055

Newcastle/Hunter Valley: Marianne Cummings 0401 029 813

Victoria/Tasmania: Dale Thompson 0407 819 522

Western Australia: Martin Collard 0449 901 615

Brisbane/South Queensland: Joe Ippolito 0411 069 353  

Central/Northern Queensland: Neil Platt 0429 438 777


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